Snare Drum

What are the different Snare Drum head materials?
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What are the different sticking systems for Snare Drum?1. Alternation - Most Teachers consider the best 2. Right Hand Lead - Old School (Creates strong right hand weak left) 3. Left Hand Lead - Not used by most (Eyler LOVES this for right-handed players!)What are good companies for Snare Drums?1. Black Swamp Percussion, Cleveland, Noble and Cooley, Hinger, and Grover 2. Ludwig, Pearl, Slingerland, Tama and Yamaha (Good drums) 3. CB 700, Mapex, and otherWhat are good companies for Snare Drum sticks?1. Steve Weiss - Gleen Steele Model 2. Vic Firth - SD, The "classic" general model 3. Cooperman - "Fastick" (many good other models 4. Pro Mark - SD1 5. Calato (Regal Tip)What are the 3 sizes and use categories of Snare Drum sticks?1. A - thin for drum-kit 2. B - Thicker stick for Band 3. C - Really thick for Street marchingWhat are the advantages of Matched Grip?1. Easier to play 2. More even sound 3. Transfers (same grip used on every other percussion instruments