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BJHS-Elegante Honors Chem

Synthesis: two elements

simple combination of elements

Synthesis: metal oxide + water


Synthesis: non-metal oxide + water

acid (GIC)

Synthesis: non-metal oxide + metal oxide

salt (GIC)

Decomposition: base (with heat)

metal oxide + water

Decomposition: acid (with heat)

non-metal oxide + water

Decomposition: metallic carbonates

metal oxide + carbon dioxide

Decomposition: metallic chlorates

metallic chloride + oxygen

Decomposition: compound (with electricity)

basic elements

Single Replacement: metals

replace less active metals

Single Replacement: metals replace the H in water

metallic hydroxide + hydrogen

Single Replacement: metals replace the H in acid

salt + hydrogen

Single Replacement: halogens

replace less active halogens

Double Replacement: acid + base

salt + water

Double Replacement: salt + acid

different salt +different acid

Double Replacement: salt + salt

different salt +different salt

carbonic acid

water + carbon dioxide

ammonium hydroxide

water + ammonia gas (NH3)

sulfurous acid

water + sulfur dioxide

Combustion: hydrogen and carbon + oxygen

carbon dioxide + water

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