Predicting Products of Reactions

BJHS-Elegante Honors Chem
Synthesis: two elements
simple combination of elements
Synthesis: metal oxide + water
Synthesis: non-metal oxide + water
acid (GIC)
Synthesis: non-metal oxide + metal oxide
salt (GIC)
Decomposition: base (with heat)
metal oxide + water
Decomposition: acid (with heat)
non-metal oxide + water
Decomposition: metallic carbonates
metal oxide + carbon dioxide
Decomposition: metallic chlorates
metallic chloride + oxygen
Decomposition: compound (with electricity)
basic elements
Single Replacement: metals
replace less active metals
Single Replacement: metals replace the H in water
metallic hydroxide + hydrogen
Single Replacement: metals replace the H in acid
salt + hydrogen
Single Replacement: halogens
replace less active halogens
Double Replacement: acid + base
salt + water
Double Replacement: salt + acid
different salt +different acid
Double Replacement: salt + salt
different salt +different salt
carbonic acid
water + carbon dioxide
ammonium hydroxide
water + ammonia gas (NH3)
sulfurous acid
water + sulfur dioxide
Combustion: hydrogen and carbon + oxygen
carbon dioxide + water