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yo iba

I used to go

tú ibas

you used to go

ella fue

she went (un día)

él fue

he went (anoche)

ella iba

she used to go

nosotros íbamos

we used to go

vosotros ibais

you guys used to go

yo bebí

I drank (ayer)

ellos bebieron

they drank (una vez)

yo era

I used to be

tú eras

you used to be

él era

he was or he used to be

ellos eran

they used to be

me vestí

I got dressed (ayer)

te vestiste

you got dressed (anoche)

él sonrió

he smiled (una vez)

nosotros veíamos

we used to see

vosotros veíais

you guys used to see

ellos sugirieron

they suggested (la semana pasada)

me dormí

I fell asleep (un día)

él pidió

he ordered (una vez)

nosotros escribíamos

we used to write

era alto

he was tall

los niños tenían seis años

the children were six years old

eran las tres y media

it was 3:30

quería mucho a su familia

He loved his family very much

íbamos al parque los domingos

We used to go to the park on Sundays


which tense: events that were in progress


which tense: background telling (time, weather...)


which tense: physical characteristics


which tense: mental states


preterit or imperfect: I broke my elbow


preterit or imperfect: what happened to you?


preterit or imperfect: I was riding my bike


preterit or imperfect: where did you live when you were little?


preterit or imperfect: I visited San Jose (el verano pasado)

¿Qué comiste anoche?

What did you eat last night?

¿Te divertiste el viernes pasado?

Did you have fun last Friday?

Ayer hice mi tarea

Yesterday I did my homework

Una vez fui al cine con María

Once I went to the movies with Maria

Tuve un sueño anoche

I had a dream last night

¿Estabas en la casa de Juan?

Were you at John's house?

Os despertasteis a las 7 esta mañana

You all woke up at 7 in the morning

Mis padres se acostaron tarde anoche

My parents went to bed late last night

El verano pasado me perdí en Madrid

Last summer I got lost in Madrid

El partido empezó a la una

the game started at one

Muchas personas jugaban todas las semanas

Many people played every week

Burke ganó el partido

Burke won the game

La comida estaba en la cocina

The food was in the kitchen

Ayer llegué a casa, hice mi tarea, y comí la cena

Yesterday I got home, did my homework, and had dinner

Llovía un poco durante el partido

It rained a little during the game

Ayer cenamos temprano

Yesterday we had dinner early

Cenábamos y Juan llamó por teléfono

We were having dinner and Juan called on the phone

Cuando era niño jugaba al fútbol

When I was a child, I played soccer

De niño empecé a jugar al fútbol

I began to play soccer as a child

Miguel estaba estudiando cuando el teléfono sonó

Miguel was studying when the phone rang

María comió tanto porque tenía mucha hambre

María ate so much because she was very hungry

Sentí frío

I felt cold

Sentía frío

I was feeling cold

Me sentí triste

I felt sad

Me sentía triste

I was feeling sad

Me pidió ayuda

He asked me for help

A Antonio y a María les gustó la película

Antonio y María liked the movie

Quería ir a tu fiesta, pero no fui

I wanted to go to your party, but I didn't go

Pensaba visitarte, pero cambié de idea

I thought of visiting you, but I changed my mind

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