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Unit 7 Reading 1


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community (n)
a group of people who live in the same area
contribute to (v)
to be a factor in, to help make something happen
dam (n)
a wall that is built across a river to stop the water
destroy (v)
to damage something so badly that it does not exist or can not be used
extreme (adj)
more than expected; more than usual
flood (n)
when a lot of water covers an area that is usually dry, especially when a river becomes too full
frequent (adj)
common, happening often
mine (n)
a large tunnel in the ground where people dig for rocks that contain something valuable, for example coal or gold.
pressure (n)
the force or weight that is put on something
violent (adj)
sudden and powerful
vulnerable (adj)
able to be hurt or influenced easily
widespread (adj)
happening in many places