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  1. Transformation
  2. pentagon
  3. pyramid
  4. Line of Symmetry
  5. Edge
  1. a 5 sides, 5 angles
  2. b A line that divides a figure into two congruent parts.
  3. c Line where two faces come together.
  4. d A polyhedron with only one base.
  5. e Movement of a figure that does not change it's size or shape.

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  1. 8 sides, 8 angles
  2. An angle that measures 180 degrees.
  3. Formed by two rays with the same endpoint (vertex).
  4. Sliding of a figure in a straight line. The figure does not change direction.
  5. A polygon that has sides of equal measure, and has angles of equal measure.

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  1. obtuse angleAn angle that measures more than 90 degress.


  2. FacesAn endless straight path. Has no end points


  3. pointAn endless straight path. Has no end points


  4. SimilarFigures that have the same shape, but different sizes.


  5. hudjwLine where two faces come together.