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  1. Transformation
  2. Polyhedron
  3. prism
  4. plane
  5. Similar
  1. a An endless flat surgace. Named by three points.
  2. b A polyhedron that has two congruent (exactly the same) bases.
  3. c Movement of a figure that does not change it's size or shape.
  4. d A solid figure with faces that are polygons.
  5. e Figures that have the same shape, but different sizes.

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  1. Flipping a figure over a line (mirror). Figure is now in the opposite direction.
  2. Lines that intersect at right angles.
  3. Part of a line between two end points.
  4. An endless straight path. Has no end points
  5. An angle that measures 90 degrees.

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  1. Rotation8 sides, 8 angles


  2. Angles of a TriangleAdd up to 180 degrees.


  3. Quadrilateral4 sides, 4 angles


  4. pyramidA polyhedron with only one base.


  5. pentagon5 sides, 5 angles


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