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  1. octagon
  2. pyramid
  3. Vertex (plural - verteces)
  4. line segment
  5. Intersecting lines
  1. a The point where several edges come together.
  2. b 8 sides, 8 angles
  3. c Part of a line between two end points.
  4. d A polyhedron with only one base.
  5. e Lines that cross at one point.

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  1. An angle that measures more than 90 degress.
  2. An angle that measures 180 degrees.
  3. Add up to 360 degrees.
  4. An endless flat surgace. Named by three points.
  5. A polyhedron that has two congruent (exactly the same) bases.

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  1. pentagon5 sides, 5 angles


  2. TransformationSliding of a figure in a straight line. The figure does not change direction.


  3. lineAn endless straight path. Has no end points


  4. Rotation8 sides, 8 angles


  5. TriangleFormed by two rays with the same endpoint (vertex).