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  1. omohyoid (infrahyoid) superior belly O&I
  2. mylohyoid
  3. orbicularis oris
  4. SCM origin and insertion & action
  5. origin
  1. a end of the muscle attached to least movable structure
  2. b anterior suprahyoid muscle.
  3. c O: scapula
    I: hyoid bone
    A: fixes stabilizes hyoid
  4. d O: clavicle and sternum. I:Mastoid process of temporal bone. A: rotating/tilting of neck
  5. e creates lip position and movements during speech

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  1. O: mandible
    I: angle of mouth
    A: depresses angle of mouth, FROWN
  2. O: digastric fossa of mandible
    I; intermediate tendon (wraps around hyoid bone)
    A: open jaw
  3. O: occipital bone, mastoid process of temp.bone
    I: epicranial aponeusoris
    A:raises eyebrows/scalp (surprised look)
  4. O: encirles mouth
    I: angle of mouth, philtrum
    A: closing/pursing lips, grimacing, pouting/ kissing
  5. O: greater cornu and body of hyoid bone
    I: tongue
    A: depresses tongue

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  1. muscles of facial expression origin and insertionorbicularis oculi, corrugator, and procerus


  2. levator labii superioris O&I and actionO: maxilla
    I: upper lip
    A: raising upper lip


  3. corrugator O&I and actionO: mylohyoid line of mandible
    I: hyoid
    A: elevates hyoid, depresses mandible (opens), forms floor of mouth, elevates tongue


  4. palatoglossus O&I and actionO: greater cornu and body of hyoid bone
    I: tongue
    A: depresses tongue


  5. which muscle of facial expression extends from neck to mouth covering anterior cervical triangle?platysma