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  1. orbicularis oculi (circular)
  2. Muscles of pharynx are_____, _____ &______ and are involved in......
  3. lateral (external pterygoid O&I and action (inferior head)
  4. trapezius O&I and action
  5. trapezius
  1. a stylopharyngeus, pharyngeal constrictor and palatal pharyngeus. speaking, swallowing, middle ear function
  2. b O:occipital bone, cervical and thoracic regions. I:clavicle and scapula. A: lift clavicle/scapula (shrugging)
  3. c broad, flat, triangular muscle. covers lateral post. neck
  4. d O: lateral pterygoid plate from sphenoid bone
    I: pterygoid fovea of mandible (condyle)
    A: slight depression of mandible (jaw opening), protrusion of mandible ( lower jaw forward)
  5. e encircles the eye. protecting and moistening the eye

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  1. muscles of facial expression
  2. part of both repiratory and digestive tract. connected to nasal and oral cavites. 3 pharynx portions; oropharynx, nasopharynx, laryngopharynx
  3. O: clavicle and shoulder
    I: mandible and muscles surrounding mouth
    A: raises skin of neck and grimacing
  4. O: frontal bone
    I: eyebrow medial
  5. O: median palatine raphe (soft palate area)
    I: tongue
    A: elevates/arches tongue, depressing soft palate toward tongue, moves food down

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  1. muscles of facial expressionin superficial fascia of facial tissues


  2. sylohyoid (anterior suprahyoid)O&I and actionO: genial tubercles of mandible
    I: body of hyoid
    A: opens jaw


  3. which muscle of facial expression extends from neck to mouth covering anterior cervical triangle?O: surface of skull bone. I: dermis of skin


  4. originend of the muscle attached to least movable structure


  5. which muscle opens auditory nerve as you swallow?muscle of the uvula


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