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  1. zygomaticus major O&I and action
  2. muscles of pharynx
  3. epicranial muscle
  4. geniohyoid (anterior suprahyiod) O&I and action
  5. posterior suprahyoid action
  1. a A: elevation of hyoid bone and larynx if mand stabilized by contraction of muscles of mastication (swallowing).
  2. b O: zygomatic bone
    I: upper lip
    A: smiling; elevates angle of upper lip, pulls it laterally
  3. c scalp muscle; two bellies (frontal and occipital)
  4. d part of both repiratory and digestive tract. connected to nasal and oral cavites. 3 pharynx portions; oropharynx, nasopharynx, laryngopharynx
  5. e O: genial tubercles of mandible
    I: body of hyoid
    A: opens jaw

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  1. O: median palatine raphe (soft palate area)
    I: tongue
    A: elevates/arches tongue, depressing soft palate toward tongue, moves food down
  2. encircles the eye. protecting and moistening the eye
  3. the superior belly of the omohyoid muscle
  4. O: mandible
    I: chin
    A: raises chin, thinking or concentration, doubt
  5. broad, flat, triangular muscle. covers lateral post. neck

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  1. muscles of facial expressionin superficial fascia of facial tissues


  2. Hyoid musclesassist mastication/swallowing. grouped according to infra or supra hyoid


  3. insertionhorseshoe shaped bone inferior to mandible. does not articulate w/other bones


  4. depressor llabii inferioris O&I and actionO: mandible
    I: lower lip
    A: depresses lower lip, exposes mand incisors, IRONY


  5. sylohyoid (anterior suprahyoid)O&I and actionO: genial tubercles of mandible
    I: body of hyoid
    A: opens jaw