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  1. posterior suprahyoid action
  2. orbicularis oris
  3. How many muscles does it take to smile? Frown?
  4. genioglossus O&I and action
  5. zygomaticus major O&I and action
  1. a A: elevation of hyoid bone and larynx if mand stabilized by contraction of muscles of mastication (swallowing).
  2. b O: genial tubercles on mand
    I: tongue
    A: protrudes tongue/ depresses portions
  3. c 17 smile; 43 frown
  4. d O: zygomatic bone
    I: upper lip
    A: smiling; elevates angle of upper lip, pulls it laterally
  5. e creates lip position and movements during speech

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  1. movement when muscle fibers contract
  2. superior to hyoid.
  3. depress, fix, stabilize, hyoid bone
  4. encircles the eye. protecting and moistening the eye
  5. in superficial fascia of facial tissues

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  1. name muscles of facial expression in scalporbicularis oculi, corrugator, and procerus


  2. procerus O&Icreates lip position and movements during speech


  3. Masseterbroad, thick, rectangular, one of strongest, can become enlarged w/those who clench/grind/ chew gum


  4. Mandibular sling?extends from hamulus attaches to mandible's mylohyoid line. AKA in oral cavity as pterygomandibular fold


  5. omohyoid (infrahyoid) inferior belly O&IO: scapula
    I: hyoid bone
    A:fixes stabilizes hyoid