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  1. suprahyoid muscles
  2. palatoglossus O&I and action
  3. What divides the inferior portion of the anterior cervical triangle into carotid and muscular triangles?
  4. Masseter
  5. insertion
  1. a end of muscle attached to more movable structure
  2. b O: median palatine raphe (soft palate area)
    I: tongue
    A: elevates/arches tongue, depressing soft palate toward tongue, moves food down
  3. c broad, thick, rectangular, one of strongest, can become enlarged w/those who clench/grind/ chew gum
  4. d superior to hyoid.
  5. e the superior belly of the omohyoid muscle

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  1. O: Post 1/3 and medial surf. of zygomatic arch
    I: ramus of mandible (angle of mandible)
    A: elevation of mandible (closing jaw), retraction of mandible (jaw backward)
  2. O: temporal bone
    I: median palatine raphe
    A: raises soft palate to contact posterior pharyngeal wall (food goes down), helps with speech
  3. orbicularis oculi, corrugator, and procerus
  4. muscles of facial expression
  5. the muscles of mastication; masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid

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  1. stylopharyngeus muscle O&I and action(muscle of pharynx)
    O: styloid process of temporal bone
    I: later./post. pharyngeal walls
    A: elevates pharynx & simultaneously widens


  2. which muscle overdevelops when you brux and can be confused with mumps?masseter


  3. How many groups are the muscles of the head and neck divided into?17 smile; 43 frown


  4. geniohyoid (anterior suprahyiod) O&I and actionO: genial tubercles of mandible
    I: body of hyoid
    A: opens jaw


  5. mylohyoid O&I and actionO: mylohyoid line of mandible
    I: hyoid
    A: elevates hyoid, depresses mandible (opens), forms floor of mouth, elevates tongue