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  1. Intrinsic tongue muscles O&I
  2. tensor veli palatini O&I and action
  3. How many disgusted/sneering muscles?
  4. muscles of pharynx
  5. Which 2 cervical muscles of the neck are superficial and easily palpated?
  1. a O: auditory tube and sphenoid
    I: median palatine raphe
    A: tenses and slightly lowers soft palate, opens auditory tube during swallowing
  2. b part of both repiratory and digestive tract. connected to nasal and oral cavites. 3 pharynx portions; oropharynx, nasopharynx, laryngopharynx
  3. c sternocleidomastoid and trapezius
  4. d superior longitudinal: oblique, dorsal, from base-apex
    transverse: transverse from median septum-lat. surf. of tongue
    vertical: in vertical direction from dorsal inward to ventral surf. in body of tongue
    inferior longitudinal: ventral, base-apex
  5. e 3; corrugator supercilii, levator labii superioris alaeque nasi, depressor anguli oris (but procerus similar to corrugator)

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  1. O: maxilla
    I: upper lip
    A: raising upper lip
  2. closing jaw, moving lower jaw forward/backward, shifting lower jaw to one side. work w/ TMJ
  3. O: thyroid cartilage
    I: hyoid bone
    A; depressing hyoid bone, raises thyroid cartilage and larynx
  4. superior to hyoid.
  5. they help open the jaw and belong to anterior suprahyoid muscle group

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  1. lateral (external pterygoid O&I and action (inferior head)O: lateral pterygoid plate from sphenoid bone
    I: pterygoid fovea of mandible (condyle)
    A: slight depression of mandible (jaw opening), protrusion of mandible ( lower jaw forward)


  2. Which are the 4 pairs of muscles attached to the mandible?the muscles of mastication; masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid


  3. intrinsic tongue musclesend in -"glossus". Genioglossus, styloglossus, hyoglossus.


  4. omohyoid (infrahyoid) superior belly O&IO: scapula
    I: hyoid bone
    A: fixes stabilizes hyoid


  5. trapezius O&I and actionO:occipital bone, cervical and thoracic regions. I:clavicle and scapula. A: lift clavicle/scapula (shrugging)