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  1. hyoglossus O&I and action
  2. trapezius O&I and action
  3. Masseter
  4. Muscles of tongue
  5. Muscles of pharynx are_____, _____ &______ and are involved in......
  1. a O: greater cornu and body of hyoid bone
    I: tongue
    A: depresses tongue
  2. b grouped whether intrinsic or extrinsic
  3. c stylopharyngeus, pharyngeal constrictor and palatal pharyngeus. speaking, swallowing, middle ear function
  4. d broad, thick, rectangular, one of strongest, can become enlarged w/those who clench/grind/ chew gum
  5. e O:occipital bone, cervical and thoracic regions. I:clavicle and scapula. A: lift clavicle/scapula (shrugging)

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  1. anterior belly of digastric, mylohyoid and geniohygoid
  2. O: soft palate
    I: pharynx
    A: moves palate posteroinferiorly and opens pharynx for swallowing and drives food down
  3. broad, flat, triangular muscle. covers lateral post. neck
  4. end of the muscle attached to least movable structure
  5. O: fascia superficial to masseter muscle
    I: angle of mouth
    A: stretches lips (grin, smile, but really a grimace), platysma connection

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  1. levator labii superioris O&I and actionO: maxilla
    I: upper lip
    A: raising upper lip


  2. digastric (anterior) O&I and actionO: zygomatic bone
    I: upper lip
    A: smiling; elevates angle of upper lip, pulls it laterally


  3. which muscle overdevelops when you brux and can be confused with mumps?masseter


  4. What are the two bellies of the epicranius separated by?epicranial aponeurosis: a large spread out scalpal tendon


  5. styloglossus O&I and actionO: greater cornu and body of hyoid bone
    I: tongue
    A: depresses tongue