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  1. depressor anguli oris (triangular/lower mouth) O&I and action
  2. SCM origin and insertion & action
  3. medial (inner) pterygoid O&I and action
  4. thyrohyoid (infrahyoid) O&I and action
  5. which muscle opens auditory nerve as you swallow?
  1. a O: thyroid cartilage
    I: hyoid bone
    A; depressing hyoid bone, raises thyroid cartilage and larynx
  2. b O: clavicle and sternum. I:Mastoid process of temporal bone. A: rotating/tilting of neck
  3. c tensor veli palatini muscle
  4. d O: pterygoid fossa of sphenoid bone and medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate
    I: angle of mandible
    A: elevation of mandible (closing jaw)- weaker than masseter in this action
  5. e O: mandible
    I: angle of mouth
    A: depresses angle of mouth, FROWN

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  1. (Muscle of pharynx)-superior, middle, inferior
    O:(superior)hamulus, mandible, pterygomandibular raphe
    I: median paryngeal raphe
    A: raise pharynx/larynx, help drive food into esophagus during swallowing
  2. midline fibrous band of posterior wall of pharynx attached to base of skull
  3. O: scapula
    I: hyoid bone
    A:fixes stabilizes hyoid
  4. O: surface of skull bone. I: dermis of skin
  5. 5; levator labii superioris, levator anguli oris, risorius, zygomaticus minor, zygomaticus major

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  1. Which muscles cause wrinkles at right angles to muscles' action line?muscle of the uvula


  2. mylohyoid O&I and actionO: clavicle and shoulder
    I: mandible and muscles surrounding mouth
    A: raises skin of neck and grimacing


  3. anterior suprahyoid muscle actionanterior belly of digastric, mylohyoid and geniohygoid


  4. Difference between a genuine smile and lying smileO: Tissue projection that hangs inferiorly form posterior soft palate
    A: shortens/broadens uvula; so soft palate closely adapts to posterior pharyngeal wall (food goes down)


  5. masseter ( deep head)O&I and actionO: ant. 2/3 of lower border of zygomatic arch
    I: angle of mandible
    A: elevation of mandible (closing jaw)