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Astronomy is the study of stars, planets and other objects that make up the universe.

the sun myths in Yolngu people

They thought that Walu, the sun woman lit a torch every morning an travelled east to west across the sky.

The sun myths in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians thought that a dung beetle pushed the sun across the sky

Main features of the sun

75% hydrogen and rest mainly helium. The closest star to earth. Changes hydrogen into helium by nuclear fusion. Diameter=1.4 million kilometres. Galileo discovered sunspots.


Produce heat and light.

Radio telescope

Uses radio waves to make photgraphs

Optical telescopes

Collect visible light using large mirrors. There are 2 main types of optical telescopes refracting and reflecting.

Reflecting telescopes

Uses a concave lens (=magnifying mirror)

Refracting telescopes

Two convex lenses(=magnifying glasses)

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