carry on
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pick upto give someone a ride in a vehicle; to collect someone or something (sometimes in a vehicle).get rid ofto throw away, eliminate.ring backreturn a phone callhang outspend time relaxingtake part into participate (in)keep up withstay at the same point/level aswrite downto take noteslook atobserve, examineclose downto stop doing businesscut back onreduce the amount of something, especially money that you spendgive awaygive something to someone else for freego onto continuepay backReturn money you borrowedsave upto keep money so that you can buy something with it in the futuresign upto put your name on a list for something because you want to take part in ittake onundertake work/responsibility; employwrite off(business) to cancel a debt; to recognize that something is a failure, has no value, etc.