10 terms

HSI Words 10/8/12

always looking for a reason to get revenge. Example: Jose B. gets mad easily, and always wants to get people back - he's very vindictive.
to hand over or give up. Example: No matter how hard she tried, Ms. Morse could not get Malik to relinquish his cell phone.
believable. Example: None of James' excuses are very credible - I rarely believe what he tells me.
to use flattery or repetition to get someone to do something. Example: Using his cutest smile and puppy-dog eyes, Noel wouldn't stop cajoling Ms. Morse until she gave him an A.
unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others. Example: Kendall is so altruistic that he gave the homeless man his last dollar to get something to eat.
good at understanding another person's situation, feelings, or motives. Example: Kenae is a very empathic young woman; she really understands and cares about her friends.
to give back what you get. Example: The pretty girl smiled at Jahvar. He reciprocated, and soon they were dancing.
to crush as if by trampling. Example: Hakeem's dreams of having a great weekend were squelched as soon as his mother got his progress report.
to mock in a mean way. Example: The teacher could have just told us to study more instead of deriding the whole class and calling us stupid!
insulting. Example: Rosa is so sweet - she never says anything derogatory about anyone!