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History and Trends of Health Care

chapter 1 Diversified Health Occupations
alternative therapies
method of treatment used in place of biomedical therapies
complementary therapies
method of treatment used in conjunction with biomedical therapies
cost containment
an attempt to control the rising cost of health care and achieve the maximum benefit for every dollar spent
diagnostic related groups
the government is controlling government health insurance plans by having a classification system of diagnoses and a limit on the cost of care
energy conservation
monitoring the use of energy to control costs and conserve resources
geriatric care
care for the elderly
holistic health care
care that promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellbeing
home health care
any type of health care provided in a patient's home environment
integrative health care
a form of health care that uses both mainstream medical treatments and complementary and alternative therapies to treat a patient
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act OBRA
federal law that regulates the education and testing of nursing assistants
outpatient services
patients receive care without being admitted to hospitals or other care facilities
an infectious disease that affects many people over a wide geographic area
involves the use of video, audio, and computer systems to provide health care
state of being in good health