Unit 6: Computers & Technology (Important Words)

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enhanceThey used a computer to __________ the image. = to improve something or make it betterequipmentThey have a lot of office ______ such as photocopiers, computers, and scanners. = a collection of things you need to do some kind of activity.featuresThe new phone has many cool ______. = things that something has or doesfunctionThe main _____ of this app is to share pictures. = the thing that something doesaccess toMost people in the U.S. have _______ to the Internet. = be able to use or have (3 words)limitMany parents try to _______ how much time their kids spend with technology. = to set a maximum amount of time or use for somethingpopularThat app is really ______ among teenagers. = many people like itreducedHer invention ______ the amount of pollution in the sea. = make the amount smallersped upThe machine ______ the production of cars. (2 words) = make something fasteruser-friendlyThe iPhone is very _________. = something that is easy for people to use, understand or operatedamagedHe ___________ his phone when he dropped it. = when you break or harm somethingcrackedHe ___________ the screen on his phone.memoryHow much __________ does your computer have? = the information that can be stored in a computer (Ex. 128 GB gigabytes)virusHis computer got a __________ is very slow now. = a program that gets into a computer and causes problemsexternalHe bought an ___________ hard drive to store his photos. = an extra device that can connect to a computerversionHe just got the newest __________ of the program. = a copy of something that has been changed so that it is a little bit differentback upHe forgot to ___________ his computer, and he lost his essays when the computer broke. = to make a copy of information on your computer online or on another device (2 words)impactThe iPhone has had a big __________ on people's lives. = when something causes a lot of changessocial mediaFacebook and Instagram are examples of ___________. = websites and apps that people use to share ideas, information, news, photos, etc. (2 words)