Ch 6 - Proteins

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Fibrous ProteinA protein that has only a secondary structure; generally insoluble; - A protein characterized by a stiff, elongated conformation, that tends to form fibers.Globular proteinA water-soluble protein characterized by a compact, highly folded structure.α-helixAn α-helix is a right-handed coil of amino-acid residues on a polypeptide chain, typically ranging between 4 and 40 residues. This coil is held together by hydrogen bonds between the oxygen of C=O on top coil and the hydrogen of N-H on the bottom coil.B-pleated sheetParallel conformation of B-sheetAntiparallel conformation of B-sheetβ pleated sheetconsist of beta strands (β-strands) connected laterally by at least two or three backbone hydrogen bonds, forming a generally twisted, pleated sheet.Coiled-coilstable, rodlike protein structure formed when two or more alpha helices twist around each other - An arrangement of polypeptide chains in which two α helices wind around each other"Native" structure (of a protein)The fully folded conformation of a macromolecule."Random coil" structure (of a denatured protein)A totally disordered and rapidly fluctuating polymer conformation