Chapter 2 Main Ideas and Review sheet

Emily grew up in Boston and is now attending college there. While walking to class, she often notices clusters of people smoking outside of office buildings. Which of the following sources would provide the most reliable information regarding the prevalence of smoking in Boston?
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Neuronal communication is a two-step process. In the second step, which takes place between two neurons, what does the arrival of an action potential at the axon terminal of the first neuron signal?The release of neurotransmitters into the extracellular fluidOnce the "threshold" for an action potential is reached what is the sequence of events that occur? 1. Potassium channels are activated, and potassium ions move out of the neuron. 2. Sodium channels are activated, and sodium ions move into the neuron. 3. The interior of the neuron becomes more negatively charged than the exterior. 4. The interior of the neuron becomes more positively charged than the exterior.2413Damage to the midbrain would most likely result inchanges in pain perceptionWhich of the following is an accurate match between a division of the autonomic nervous system and a bodily function or state?Parasympathetic; stimulates digestionIn a meeting with her psychology professor, Steph reports having a hard time staying awake during lectures and sometimes experiencing the feeling of uncontrollably falling asleep while sitting at a desk. Steph's sleepiness may be due to the cells firing slowly in thereticular formationThe idea that a person's dominant hemisphere influences their creativity or ability to think logically isa popular myth about lateralization.In hopes of better understanding how glia affect brain repair, Dr. Jennings develops a special mouse lacking specific types of glia. In her experimental design, Dr. Jennings injures the brain of this special mouse and monitors neuronal repair. What is Dr. Jennings likely to observeCell debris from damaged neurons is not cleared.The two major divisions of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) are:autonomic and somaticA spinal reflex, such as jerking your hand away from a hot surfacedoes not involve any input from the brain.