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little formal education for the masses

Why was the time immediately following the fall of Rome called the Dark Ages?

large churches such as the Hagia Sophia were built

Which of Justinian's actions reflect the close connection between church and state in the Byzantine Empire?

stability and security

The medieval Church was a unifying force in Europe after the fall of Rome because it offered

unequal distribution of land

What was the most important economic reason for the decline of Rome and Han China?

corrupt governments, hostile invasions, loss of morals and values

These were factors in the decline of both the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty

language of services conducted, celibacy/marriage of priests, permission for divorces

Differences between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy

art and architecture, mathematical advances, scientific advances

Impacts of the Moors in Spain on European culture


political/ social system : feudalism::economic system :


Which group had the MOST political power?


Under the manorial system, nobles were required to provide serfs with _______.

King John forced to acknowledge rights of his subjects

Why is the year 1215 important in history?

law limits the power of the king.

Which new legal idea was introduced by the signing of the Magna Carta?

new ideas in science and art were introduced and spread

Which change in European societies resulted from the interaction of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian cultures in the Middle Ages?


In which area has Justinian's Code had the MOST lasting impact?

Truth is known through reason and faith

This best reflects the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas.

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