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Oxford English: An International Approach Book 2, Unit 2 - Communication, 'Beyond Words' Vocabulary, pp. 24-29

to text

to send a written message on a mobile phone


communication using spoken words


expressed without words

to mime

telling a story or acting out a dramatic or comical scene by means of hand and body movements rather than speaking (pantomime)

sign language

A form of communication that uses mainly hand movements to convey messages

to be lost for words

to be so shocked, surprised, full of admiration etc. that you cannot speak


of or concerning the face


easily and rapidly, as in speaking or writing


friendly and open and willing to talk


a stage area out of sight of the audience


the significance or the message of a story or event

to conquer

To fight for and win the territory of another country or empire

to entertain

writing meant for enjoyment (it could make you cry, laugh, or scream!)

stock characters

a stereotypical character, one we are familiar with


a feeling of thoughtful sadness


stopping and starting at irregular intervals


to plot in a secret way; to scheme

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