micro-enterprise credential 5

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Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs include
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Robin has been working throughout the week to get ready for the store opening on Friday. The tiles for the entryway weren't delivered on time, but Robin took the company van and picked up the tiles at the vendor's warehouse. When the utility didn't connect the electricity on Monday, Robin stayed on hold for an hour before finding a supervisor who sent a utility tech right away.
The type of entrepreneurial behavior that Robin has been exhibiting over the past week can best be described as:
Amari has had a frustrating week. One of the new employees hired just last week showed up late her first two days, and another didn't even show up one of his scheduled days. Amari talked patiently with both of them in the hope that they could turn their situation around and become valuable team members. Unfortunately, at the same time the bank returned the credit application that took Amari hours to fill out with requests for additional information. Amari had to find the time to find that information and send the application back to the bank. Finally, Amari really wanted to watch the The Voice on television tonight, but decided to stay in the store until closing because the store is short-staffed.
The type of entrepreneurial behavior that Amari has been exhibiting can best be described as: