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SFMS Rugby

Definitions and terms for Rugby at SFMS
The name given for a score in Rugby Tag
pulling the runner's flag
tap & pass
Used to start the game and restart the game after a penalty. Defense must stand 7 meters back (another name for free pass)
in touch
out of bounds
placing the ball after a try
try line
the line the ball is set on to score
knock on
fumbled ball forward
illegal taking of the ball out of someone's hands
illegal knocking down of a passs
pulling shirts
illegal way to gain an advantage by tugging on a runner's clothing
kicking spin
illegal evasive move by the runner
dropped ball
a missed pass. If no advantage is gained, play continues, if advantage is gained, the ball is turned over.
7 meters
distance defense must be back for a free pass
evasive running
running maneuvers to try to avoid having your flag pulled
illegal and dangerous method of getting to the ball by going to the ground