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watsona nd crick
created a model of DNA
double helix
made of 2 nucleotide strands that wrap around each other in the shape of a double helix
DNA nucleotide
made of a 5 carbon deoxyribose sugar, a phosphate group, and one of 4 nitrogenous bases, adenia, guanina, cytosina, or thymine
complimentary bases
hydrogen bonding between the complementary base pairs, G-A and A-t, holds the two strands of a DNA molecule together
DNA replication
the proces by which DNA is copied in a cell before a cell divides
an enzyme that seperates DNA strands
DNA polymerase
an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of the DNA molecule
semi-conservative replication
each new DNA molecule is made of one strand of nucleotides from the original DNA molecule and one new strand
replication fork
the site at which the DNA seperates and new nucleotides come in to make the new strand of DNA
messenger RNA
carries the genetic message from the nucles to the cytosol
ribosomal RNA
the major component of ribsomomes
transfer RNA
carries specific amino acids, helping to form polypeptides
DNA acts as a template for directing the synthesis of RNA
making a protein from the RNA which was made from DNA
in DNA, a three nucleotide sequence that encodes an amino acid or signifies a start signal or a stop cavity
amino acid
an organic molecule that contains a carboxl and an amino group and that makes up proteins
human genome
the complete genetic content
RNA has the sugar ribose
DNA has deoxyribose
RNA has uracilis
DNA has thymine
RNA is single stranded
DNA is longer than RNA