Introduction to 7th Gr Life Science

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Review of concepts: Our Role In and Response To God's Created World

In the beginning...

God created the heavens and earth

A Biblical Worldview for the beginning of the physical world includes...

the idea that God spoke and fashioned everything into existence

The record of God's creative work is recorded in

The Book of Genesis

God gave man this role in His created world

"EarthKeepers;" to be caretakers or wise stewards; studying science helps us to be better caretakers

In the sequence of creation events, Day 1 included...

the creation of light/separation of light and dark

In the sequence of creation events, Day 2 included...

the separation of waters above and waters below - sky

In the sequence of creation events, Day 3 included...

the gathering of the waters to make oceans, the forming of dry land and creating all kinds of plants

In the sequence of creation events, Day 4 included...

Twinkle, twinkle little stars! The sun, moon, and stars

In the sequence of creation events, Day 5 included...

the creation of the birds of the air and the fish of the sea

In the sequence of creation events, Day 6 included...

the creation of the land animals and man was made in God's image

In the sequence of creation events, Day 7 included...

Nap time! God rested after all of the work He had done.

After His created work, God looked upon it and said...

It is good!

The belief that God created the world in 6 days is a...

Theory...we choose to believe it by faith.

In theistic evolution, where did man come from?

He evolved from a lower life animal. Are you related to a monkey?

Examples of protecting and stewarding God's creation would include...

Protecting fresh water sources; preserving wildernesses; saving endangered animals; protecting animal habitats; can you think of others?

Should Christians be involved in science studies, even if some scientists believe in evolution?

Yes, indeed! As believers we have the responsibility to know and care for God's created world; we have the opportunity to be "moral compasses" - to influence the direction that "science" goes

The belief that the universe "just happened" with a big bang is...

The theory of evolutionism

Something which is not true is called a...

Fallacy (it's false!)

"Knock on wood," "Step on a crack" and "13" are examples of...

Superstitions. Do you believe in luck? why or why not?

To think critically about Science, a statement such as "Ostriches are weird birds" would be an example of a) observation b) value judgment c) biblical truth d) historical fact

Value judgment - It's your opinion!

For scientists, the key to learning about science is...


Observation takes place by using...

The 5 senses

Name the 5 senses...

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching

The collection of observations of the physical world is called...


The idea of creationism remains a theory because no one was there to...


Observations which are descriptions rather than measurements are called...


Observations that are actual, factual measurements are called...


It's a mystery...remember "The Blind Men and the Elephant"? Observations which are made without directly seeing are called...

Indirect Observations

Grouping according to characteristics is called...


The "Father of Modern Classification" is...

Mr. Linnaeus

"I am Kingdom!" List the steps of scientific classification in order...

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Scientific names are assigned in the language of


A bear's "scientific name", such as Urus horriblis , includes what two steps of the classification system?

The genus and species names

Classification enhances or helps with clarification and ____________ with scientists all over the world. (What picture comes to mind for "cat"?)

Clear, concise, precise communication

Naming plants and animals scientifically, such as Canis familiaris, is called...


What are 3 benefits of classification?

Makes it easier to deal with lots and lots of info; makes it easier to see comparisons and characteristics; saves time, stress, money; makes it easier to locate info.

The steps that scientists follow when they investigate problems or try to answer questions is called....

The Scientific Method

Name in order the Steps of the Scientific Method.

1. State the problem. 2. Research/form a hypothesis. 3. Experiment/collect data. 4. Analyze/draw conclusions. 5. Communicate.

A prediction made prior to an experiment is called...


When conducting an experiement, the factor that always stays the same is called the __________.

Control; the one that changes is the variable.

To validate or verify the results of an experiment, it is important to _______ the experiment several times.


Another name for scientific laws, such as the Law of Gravity, is...

Empirical Laws

Proving a hypothesis incorrect means...

the results did not support the scientist's educated guess. It does not mean that it was a wrong hypothesis or bad experiment.

To practice lab safety, what should students do?

1. Listen and follow directions carefully 2. Refrain from horseplay 3. Do only the experiment given by the instructor

Because accidents can happen unexpectedly, students should...

1. Be intentional with safety (what does intentional mean?) 2. Read all directions before starting a lab 3. Know where the first aid equipment is located

The lab is not a barn, therefore, there should be no...


It is important to remember that the many instruments and pieces of equipment used in science investigations are tools, NOT...


Three pieces of safety equipment located in the lab are...

Power-shower, fire extinguishers, rubber gloves, goggles, phone, exit plans

Why do scientists use tools?

To aid them in their observations.

To properly detect or observe by smelling, one should _________ the molecules toward the nose.

Waft or wave (not lean over and whiff!).

The sharp tool used for dissecting specimens is called a _______________.


The tool used to magnify an object by "multiplying" with lenses is called a...


The science tool used to measure the mass of an object is...

The balance beam scale

To be able to read the Roman numerals on a $1.00 bill, one might use a...

Hand lens or magnifying glass

The tiny piece of plastic covering the drop of water on a wet mount slide is called the...


The powers of magnification on the nosepiece of a microscope are called...


What kind of microscope in commonly used in the classroom?

Compound microscope

Give 3 rules for the appropriate storage of the microscope.

Carry only one at a time. Carry with two hands. Store on low power. Move the stage all the way down. Wrap the cord securely. Place cover on top.

The eyepiece of the microscope...

Contains the lens you look through

A consistent unit of measure is called a...

Standard (so that a foot is 12 inches...not the length of your foot!)

Another name for the SI, or System International, is the...

Metric System

The only major country to not adopt the metric system is the...

United States

In the metric system, the base unit for measuring length is the...


In the metric system, the prefix meaning 1/100 is __________.

Centi- could be centimeter, centiliter, or centigram

The distance from the equator to the North Pole divided into 10 million eequal parts is equivalent to the...


The best unit for measuring the mass of a brick would be ___________.


The Celsius scale for temperature designates ____ degrees as freezing


Advantages for the Metric System include...

1. Conversions are based on 10 2. Recognized by scientists all over the world 3. Used by major countries of the world (except US)

Measurement provides for Science the "black and white" of data to...

Analyze and draw conclusions

Studying the physical world created by God gives students the opportunity to...

1.Observe God's handiwork 2. Be amazed at God's wisdom in His creative works 3. Become aware of how to care for the physical world

If I work diligently to do MY BEST then...

I will honor The Creator. I will honor my parents - they provide these educational opportunities for me. I will please my teacher. I will be proud of myself. I will earn a piece of bonus candy.

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