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Owners that buy income properties as investments and depend on professionals to manage them
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A Florida real estate license is required when anyone performs a service specified under F.S. 475 when all the following conditions are simultaneously present unless that individual is otherwise exempt under the law-preforming a service of real estate -In the state of Florida -For another -For compensationA developer contracts to build a home on a buyers lot to the buyers specifications. This is an example of which type of buildingCustomA real estate appraisers fee for professional service is based onThe time and difficulty of the appraisalThe category of construction that applies when a property owner employs a contractor to build on his or her lot is calledCustom buildingProperty management has grown as a service of real estate primarily because of an increase ofAbsentee ownershipA developer that acquires a large tract of land and builds a model center from which sales may be madeTract buildingWhen a contractor builds on his own land with the hope of locations a purchaser after construction has been completeSpeculative buildingA contractor is employed by an owner of land to build on that land to the owners specificationsCustom building