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  1. non-aggression pact
  2. Munich Pact
  3. Allies
  4. anti-semitism
  5. Harry Truman
  1. a Discrimmination against Jews
  2. b American President who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb
  3. c Alliance of Britain, France and eventually United States
  4. d Signed in 1938 between Great Britain, Germany, and France that gave part of Czechoslovakia to Germany; Chamberlain said it guaranteed "peace in our time"
  5. e Agreement between Germany and Russia not to fight each other

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  1. Invaded and occupied by Germany until Allies came to the rescue: D-day
  2. dictator of the Soviet Union
  3. Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII
  4. site of the Japanese attack on the US that brought the US into the war
  5. relocation of Japanese Americans to camps in the United States

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  1. Lend-Lease ActAllowed president to "rent" arms to "any country whose defense is vital to the U.S."


  2. NiseiTurning point in the war in the Pacific in favor of the Allies


  3. PolandInvasion of this nation by Hitler led to Allies declaring war on Germany


  4. Hideki TojoPrime minister of Japan during World War II


  5. "Final Solution"the gathering of resources and preparation for war.