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  1. blitzkrieg
  2. Harry Truman
  3. Poland
  4. Allies
  5. Midway
  1. a Invasion of this nation by Hitler led to Allies declaring war on Germany
  2. b German for lightning war; the swift attacks launched by Germany in World War II
  3. c Turning point in the war in the Pacific in favor of the Allies
  4. d Alliance of Britain, France and eventually United States
  5. e American President who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb

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  1. Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII
  2. (Night of the Broken Glass) November 9, 1938, when mobs throughout Germany destroyed Jewish property and terrorized Jews.
  3. Day that marked the invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe
  4. Signed in 1938 between Great Britain, Germany, and France that gave part of Czechoslovakia to Germany; Chamberlain said it guaranteed "peace in our time"
  5. the organized killing of European Jews and others by the Nazis during WWII

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  1. rationingThe limiting of the amounts of goods people can buy - often imposed by governments during wartime.


  2. Manhattan Projectsecret project to make Atomic Bomb


  3. Lend-Lease Actgiving Hitler what he wanted so he would stop aggression


  4. Pearl Harborthe gathering of resources and preparation for war.


  5. appeasementgiving Hitler what he wanted so he would stop aggression