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  1. Axis Powers
  2. Poland
  3. Neutrality Act of 1939
  4. Munich Pact
  5. Adolf Hitler
  1. a the alliance of Germany,Italy,and Japan
  2. b allowed European nations to buy war materials from U.S. on a "cash-and-carry" basis
  3. c Signed in 1938 between Great Britain, Germany, and France that gave part of Czechoslovakia to Germany; Chamberlain said it guaranteed "peace in our time"
  4. d leader of Nazi Party and Dictator of the German Empire
  5. e Invasion of this nation by Hitler led to Allies declaring war on Germany

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  1. President of the US during Great Depression and start of World War II
  2. dictator of the Soviet Union
  3. restricted areas of European cities that kept Jews separated from others
  4. Hitler's plan to kill all the Jews in Europe
  5. Discrimmination against Jews

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  1. Hideki TojoPrime minister of Japan during World War II


  2. mobilizationthe gathering of resources and preparation for war.


  3. D-DayDay that marked the invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe


  4. War Production Boardgovernment agency created during World War II to help factories shift from making consumer goods to making war materials


  5. kamikazeJapanese suicide pilot