Ch 4. History Study guide (off the paper)

The Minoans
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Ionians rebelled, the Athenians helped, they burnt down Persia, Persia attacks Athens (Marathon War), Athens won, Persia came back with a stronger force, Athens asked Sparta to help, had the Thermopylae War, Persia won and burnt down Athens, then the Spartans defeated the Persians on water, and the outcome is that the Delian League was formed.
HomerWrote the Iliad and the OdysseySocratesGreek philosopher; socratic method--questioning; sentenced to death for corrupting Athens youthPlatoWrote the Republic. Rejected democracy.AristotleBelieved kings ruled best, art and architectureHerodotusFather of history, recorded eventsPhilip of MacedoniaAlexander the Great's fatherPythagorasGreek philosopher and mathematician who proved the Pythagorean theoremEratosthenesEarth is round- Accurately found circumference