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Renal US: normal variances and congenital anomalies

local bulge of the lateral border of the kidney; usally seen on the left kidney
dromedary hump
Common variant, usually produces a wedge shaped hyperechoic defect on the anterior aspect near the junction of the upper and mid third of the kidney
junctional parencymal defect
Double layer of renal cortex folded toward the center of the kidney producing a mass effect
Hypertrophied Column of Bertin
Excessive fatty infiltration of the renal pelvis; renal sinus is enlarged and echogenic
Renal Sinus lipomatosis
When the renal pelvis lies outside the renal sius; the pelvis ballons before it reaches the sinus
Extrarenal pelvis
Infolding of the reaml cortex; sharp clefts seen overlying columns of Bertin
Fetal Lobulation/ Lobation
Existing healthly nephrons enlarge allowing performance of more work; diffue large kidney
Compensatory Hypertrophy
Failure of the kidney to ascend
Ectopic Kidney
Both kidneys on the same side
Crossed Renal Ectopia
Fusion of the lower poles of the kidneys; sits anterior to the great vessles
Horseshoe Kidney
Most common congential anomaly of the urinary tract; Either 2 ureters and 2 orifices (complete) or ureters join and enter bladder through single orifice (incomplete)
Duplex Collecting Systems
Cystic dilatation of intramural portion of ureter; SONO: round cyst like structure within bladder
Extra Kidney
Supernumerary Kidneys
Pelvicaliectasis to level of UPJ, normal ureter caliper, ballooning of renal pelvis
UPJ Obstruction
Nonobstructive enlargment of calyces, usually unilater; SONO: enlarged clubbed calyces,
Congenital megacalyces
Results from functional ureteric obstruction causing fusiform dilation of distal ureter
Congenital Megaureter
Absence of lower abdominal and anterior bladder wall
Bladder Exstrophy
Urachus closes at bladder and umbilical ends remaining patent in between
Urachal Cyst
Urachus closes at bladder remaining patent at umbilicus
Urachal Sinus
Urachus closes umbilical and remaining patent at bladder
Urachal Diverticulum