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Database management system
The database is the file or files that store the data. Often this data is separate from the program that
actually manipulates that data. The application used to access, manipulate and present the data is
known as a...........................................
SQL (Structured Query Language)
a special programming language to access the data
The DBMS provides a level of --------- around the data, allowing you to password protect the data and even giving different users different access.
Multi User Access
the database can be accessed by different users and even different applications at the same time. This means that the data could be accessed through a website by
one user and by an administrator updating records through the DBMS software.
Data Maintenance
The DBMS makes sure that the data is stored efficiently and also keeps data
integrity. If a record exists in one table that is linked to data in another table, the DBMS makes
sure that you cannot delete one record without also deleting related records.
Microsoft Access, MySQL and Base
Modern databases are often relational databases and so the software used to create and manage
such systems are known as Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).