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Mechanically Blocked

This is when you have supported something either with jack stands, metal rods, woodnt blocks. ect.


A hydraulic ____ has an inlet port that is bigger then the outlet port.


A hydraulic _____ has an inlet and outlet port that are the same size.

Actuator Failure

Shock loading an acuator, excessice air in the system and wear and tear are all causes of this.

Oil Flow

This is the one characteristic that will affect the actuator operation.


Loosing connections to relive hydraulic pressure you are creating a very _____ and unsafe situation.


To find _____ output you would multiply "PSI" times "motor displacement" and divide 2 times Pi.


Of these _____ are right when testing a hydraulic motor.
Checking system pressure with no load and stalling the motor with wrench.

Hydraulic Power Device

To disassemble a cylinder i would use a __________ which would have a gauge to make sure i dont overpressurize the cylinder or device.


Hydraulic pumps _______ bled the air from their case by the flow of oil moving through them.

Winch or come-along

Using this to disassemble a cylinder isnt recommened because it causes an unsafe condition for the tech.


The _____ of a cylinder extension and retraction in different becuase of the different flow patterns in the circut.


Increasing and decreasing speed on acuators, cylinders, and motors is caused by the changing of oil _____.


Yes OR NO By removing the load on a actuator you have completly de-energized the hydraulic circuit.

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