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MB Topics 3 and 4

Angiosperms are most closely related to ?
What was the dominant plant group at the time that dinosaurs were the dominant animals?
What is the green algae most closely related to plants?
Plants evolved from green algae approximately ? million years ago
? are an example of seedless vascular plants
The living plants that are most similar to the first plants to bear gametangia are the ?
What trait is not common to all green algae and land plants
What term describes the present time interval in the history of land plants
Angiosperm abundant
What group of green plants evolved last?
Which of the following pairs of plant groups are the most closely related?
Horsetails and ferns
What structure was an adaptation that allowed green plants to live on land
T/F? Nodes that are located near the top of a phylogenetic tree represent more recent common ancestors than nodes that are located near the bottom of the tree.
In moss, ? produce sperm
The sperm produced by mosses require ? to reach an archegonium
In the moss life cycle ? cells within a sporangium undergo ? to produce ? spores
In mosses gametes are produced by ?; in ferns gametes are produced by ?
The most recent common ancestor of all land plants was probably similar to modern-day members of which group
Some green algae exhibit alternation of generations. All land plants exhibit alternation of generations. No charophytes exhibit alternation of generations. Keeping in mind the recent evidence from molecular systematics, the correct interpretation of these observations is that
plants evolved alternation of generations independently of green algae
Which taxon is essentially equivalent to the "embryophytes"
Best adaptation for protection from desiccation
Best adaptation for transport of water, minerals, and nutrients
tracheids and phloem
What was not a challenge for survival of the first land plants
animal predation
Plant spores are produced directly by
Which is true of archegonia
They may temporarily contain sporophyte embryos
All are true about the life cycle of mosses except
the growing embryo gives rise to the gametophyte
What is the sequence of structures that develop after germination
Protonema, Gametophore, Gametes, Embryo, Sporophyte
Two, small, poorly drained lakes lie close to each other in a northern forest. The basins of both lakes are composed of the same geologic substratum. One lake is surrounded by dense Sphagnum mat; the other is not. Compared to the pond with Sphagnum, the pond lacking the moss mat should have
less-acidic water
Bryophytes never formed forests because
they lack lignified vascular tissue
In mosses gametes are produced by ?; in ferns gametes are produced by ?
Where do fern antheridia develop
on the underside of the gametophyte
The conspicuous part of the fern plant is a ?
diploid sporophyte
Which taxa does the mature sporophyte depend completely on the gametophyte for nutrition
What characteristic didn't help seedless plants become better adapted to land
a dominant gametophyte
Flagellated sperm, xylem with tracheids, separated gametophyte and sporophyte generations with the sporophyte dominant, and no seeds. This plant is most closely related to
Which of the following types of plants would not yet have been evolved in the forests that became coal deposits
pine trees
If a fern gametophyte is a hermaphrodite, then it
belongs to a species that is homosporous
Arrange structures from largest to smallest: spores, sporophylls, sporophytes, sporangia
Sporophytes, sporophylls, sporangia, spores
Trends in terrestrial vegetation
a trend from dominant gametophytes to dominant sporophytes; a trend from no true leaves, to microphylls, to megaphylls; a trend from soil-surface-hugging plants to 'overtopping' plants; a trend toward increased lignification of conducting systems
What is the sequence in which fossils should make their first appearance? Charophytes, single-celled green algae, hornworts, plants with a dominant sporophyte
single-celled green algae, charophytes, hornworts, plants with a dominant sporophyte
What is not common to all phyla of vascular plants
the development of seeds
In plants, what is produced by meiosis
haploid spores
Contrast gametophytes and sporophytes
Sporophytes are diploid, whereas gametophytes are haploid
Correct statement about the life cycle of a fern cycle.
Plant gametophytes are haploid multicellular bodies