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  1. Escalate
  2. Zeal
  3. Tangible
  4. Embellish
  5. Demoralize
  1. a Enthusiastic devotion; intense enthusiasm.
  2. b To decourate; to beautify by adding details.
  3. c To increase or intensify.
  4. d Something that is able to be touched; having form and mattre.
  5. e To lower the spirits of; weaken the confidense or cheerfulness of.

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  1. Expressed dearly in a few words; to the point.
  2. To renew the energy or strength of.
  3. An idea that is communicated indirectly, through a suggestion or hint.
  4. Close; near (to something).
  5. Unintentional; Accidental; not intended.

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  1. InfringeWithout sense or meaning; foolish; silly.


  2. FritterTo spend or waste a little at a time.


  3. WaryCautious; on one's gaurd.


  4. VicariousExperienced through the imagination; not experienced directly; indirectly.


  5. SubsequentTo support financially; to pay for.


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