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  1. Tangible
  2. Fritter
  3. Gregarious
  4. Subjective
  5. Retort
  1. a To reply especially in a quick sharp, or witty way.
  2. b To spend or waste a little at a time.
  3. c Enjoying and seeking the company of others; out going
  4. d Something that is able to be touched; having form and mattre.
  5. e Based on personal opinions, attitudes, or feelings.

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  1. Something that causes damge, harm, or loss; a disadvantage.
  2. Humourous; playfully joking; funny.
  3. To decourate; to beautify by adding details.
  4. Not giving in; stubborn.
  5. A great lack of energy; inactivity due to laziness.

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  1. ScrupulousSkillful in using the hands and body


  2. MalignGreat praise or applause; enthusiastic approval.


  3. OptimumBest possible; most favourable; most desirable; ideal.


  4. EncounterDiffering from what is customary; odd.


  5. ImplicationA new custum, method, or invention.


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