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  1. Retort
  2. Fritter
  3. Dissident
  4. Amiable
  5. Encounter
  1. a A person opposed to established ideas or beliefs, especially in politics or religion; a rebel.
  2. b A brief or unexpected meeting.
  3. c Good-natured; friendly and pleasant.
  4. d To reply especially in a quick sharp, or witty way.
  5. e To spend or waste a little at a time.

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  1. An opponent; one who opposes or competes.
  2. Differing from what is customary; odd.
  3. Orderly; systematic.
  4. To make evil and often untrue statements about; speak evil of.
  5. Something that is able to be touched; having form and mattre.

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  1. ImplicationA new custum, method, or invention.


  2. InadvertantUnintentional; Accidental; not intended.


  3. EpitomeA perfect or typical example of a general quality or type.


  4. RevitalizedTo renew the energy or strength of.


  5. InfirmityBitter hostility.