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  1. Implication
  2. Irate
  3. Infirmity
  4. Inane
  5. Juxtapose
  1. a To plase close together, especially to compare and contrast; side by side.
  2. b Without sense or meaning; foolish; silly.
  3. c An idea that is communicated indirectly, through a suggestion or hint.
  4. d A physical weakness or affect.
  5. e Extremely angry.

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  1. To support financially; to pay for.
  2. Close; near (to something).
  3. To intrude or trespass someone.
  4. Meant to impress others; fashy; showy.
  5. Best possible; most favourable; most desirable; ideal.

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  1. DetrimentSomething that causes damge, harm, or loss; a disadvantage.


  2. EncounterA brief or unexpected meeting.


  3. FritterTo reply especially in a quick sharp, or witty way.


  4. EmbellishTo decourate; to beautify by adding details.


  5. MalignTo make evil and often untrue statements about; speak evil of.