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Ashton, a graphic designer, enjoys working for Eleanor Advertising bc of the flexibility of its management and its culture which encourages risk taking, innovation, and creativity. Ashton gets quick answers from his boss, allowing him and Eleanor Advertising to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace. Eleanor Advertising is an example of an adhocracy culture
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Ashton, a graphic designer, enjoys working for Eleanor Advertising bc of the flexibility of its management and its culture which encourages risk taking, innovation, and creativity. Ashton gets quick answers from his boss, allowing him and Eleanor Advertising to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace. Eleanor Advertising is an example of an adhocracy culture
at deluxe Department Store, Chondi is an associate in the soft lines department that is managed by Alonso. Piper is the sales director for the store. One day, Alonso asked Chondi to change the price tags on all the towels in the department. While she was working on this task, Piper asked Chondi to move around the bedding displays to match the new merchandising scheme that Piper had developed. Which of the following statements describes Chondi's situation
Comics Alive is an animation studio with a strong creativity culture where the employees work together to imagine new cartoon characters and bring them to life via digital animation. If you were to visit Comics Alive, you would likely encounter observable artifacts such asidea boards for current projects, varied kinds of seating, and advanced video technologyShuaifu wants to reorganize his beverage bottling company. Currently, there are HR, R&D, and purchasing units at each facility. Shuaifu feels that by bringing all of those key functions together in one location and deploying them to the facilities only when needed, he will save money and also create consistency. Is Shuaifu correctyes, bc the company will need fewer employees overall, saving money and allowing for consistency in processesHarrison is retiring from a local bakery that has been in his family for four generations. Because he does not have an heir to whom he can pass the bakery, he is selling it to a young couple. When they meet to discuss the transfer of the business, what are some things that Harrison should share with the new owners about the success of his business?Harrison should share the culture of the company through stories, rites, and ritualsJermaine, the COO of Big Sky Marketing, is intent on making the compnay's culture more cooperative and efficient. Which of these is an example of how Jeramine enacted the organizational systems and procedures leverJermaine implemented a HPWP and purchased a G Suite so all employees would have shared files and collaborative toolsEmployees and customers are treated like a family at Rahal Realty. Fadil and Inas Rahal, the owners, work to encourage unity to increase their employees' job satisfaction and commitment. At their realty, the Rahals have built an ____ cultureclana toy manufacturer, Kid & Play, operates its own design unit, but subcontracts the other business functions, such as engineering, assembly, HR, and distribution. Kid & Play's structure is best described ashollowwhen a firm assembles product chunks provided by outside contractors, the firm is employing a ____ structuremodularBianca, the CEO of Solar Tiles, has only three people reporting to her: the vice president of marketing, vice president of HR, and vice president of accounting. Bianca has anarrow span of controlCall Connect, a global phone company, utilizes a geographic divisional structure. Which of the following lists of divisions most likely represents Call Connect?Africa, Asia, Australia, EuropeAs you start a new job, it is important to focus on your personal adaptability. Which of the following suggestions would increase a person's adaptability?look for solutionsIf some hospital positions in the Management in Action case (regarding the nursing profession) require the movement and lifting of heavy equipment around the facility, what type of employment test should recruiters use during the hiring process for these positions to ensure candidates can meet these requirements?abilityHuman resource management (HRM) is the process of planning for, attracting, developing, and retaining an effective workforcetrueBC it is hard to fire employees, ___ is widely held as one of the most important HR practices to do wellselectionHiromi wants to post a vacancy as an external-only posting. Her manager, Ceci, reminds her about the benefits of posting internally. Which of the following might be a benefit that Ceci is recognizing?internal recruiting boosts retention and commitmentIf a hospital in the Management in Action case utilized employment tests for nurse candidates that produced inconsistent scores, the test would have a ____ problemreliabilityMarlene works in the maintenance department in a large factory. The maintenance office has several posters of women in bikinis displayed on the wall. Which of the following accurately describes Marlene's situationMarlene is experiencing a hostile work environmentIn which step of the L&D process do managers determine what skills employees should have after the process that they did not have before?objectives____ capital is the economic or productive potential of strong, trusting, and cooperative relationshipssocialTherese is an architect for the building of a large office complex downtown. Frequently a group of steel workers whistle at her as she climbs a ladder or interacts with staff. The men's actions create a hostile work environment.trueTim has recently been laid off from his job that provided full benefits including his family's health insurance. Which law will help him to continue to provide health care insurance for his familyConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation ActFor years, a mathematics professor experienced abusive behavior at a community college where he taught. It began with a few deans spreading rumors and false accusations that threatened his job. The abuse was emotionally draining and took time and focus away from his job. The professor was the victim ofbullyingduring the two years that Ariana has been the store manager of a Taco Bell restaurant, sales in that store have decreased by 34% employee turnover has doubled, and the organizational culture is crumbling. Dante, the regional director, should considerdemoting Ariana back to night-shift supervisorsIn addition to the human resource practices at hospitals discussed in the Management in Action case (regarding the nursing profession), what other factors contribute to effective group and social processesorganizational culture and organizational structureKielyn has a degenerative eye disease that is causing her to gradually lose her eyesight. When Kielyn asked her employer, Ideal Accessories, to purchase a low-vision computer for her use at work, she was fired. Ideal Accessories has violated theAmericans with Disabilities ActTo derive a competitive advantage, firms can properly configure HR practices to drive ________ which leads to ________.human and social capital; implementation of strategyWhen all of the policies and practices within the HR system reinforce one another, this is known asinternal fitWhy would an ability test be given during an interview?to test how accurately a person can typewhich of the following is the best statement of performance feedback"your last report contained seven errors which I think you could improve"the risk of "wrongful termination" lawsuits is reduced with carefuldocumentationJuan had to take several employment tests while he was interviewing to be a bicycle messenger in a large city. Which of the following does NOT seem to be a legally defensible test for this position?Juan was tested to see how many words per minute he can typeChance and Jeff the owners of Gumby's, a pizza and wings restaurant near a major university campus, implemented student discounts and move-in specials in August. These deals increased demand and made it so the employees had to work more late nights. How should Chance and Jeff predict the employees will reactthey will hardly be upset or not be upset at allGo Grub's complaints have increased because its drivers often get lost when attempting deliveries, which means that the deliveries arrived late. The drivers have resisted using GPS Systems, claiming they know their territories, but managers are now encouraging them to look for the best solution to the increased level of customer complaints. Go Grub is in the ___ stage of Lewin's change modelunfreezingthe degree of complexity, cost, and uncertainty, along with ___, determine which form of change an organization will implementits potential for generating employee resistancereactive change involves making carefully thought-out changes in anticipation of possible or expected problems or opportunitiesfalseWhen Abigail's Antiques surveyed its customers, it discovered that customers preferred the company's competition more than 75 percent of the time. The most frequently cited reason was customer service. During which stage of Lewin's change model should Abigail provide her employees with this information about the problems with customer service?unfreezingdespite the increase of automation, which jobs are on the riseknowledge work jobs"I learn from my mistakes" and "I'm not perfect, but I stick to my values" are examples ofself-affirmationsDuring annual inventory week, a department store may ask its employees to work 12 hours a day instead of the usual 8. During tax-preparation time, the store's accounting department may work similar hours. Although accounting employees are in a different department from stockroom and sales employees, it's reasonable to expect that the accounting employees wouldn't be terribly upset by the temporary change in hours because they've seen it in effect elsewhere in the store. This is an example of innovative change.falseCOVID-19 was an unexpected event that created significant challenges for organizations like Carnival. Based on the Management in Action case, what type of change do cruise lines need to implementreactiveDuring Lewin's changing stage, managers shouldgive employees new information, perspectives, and models for behavior.which of the following is an example of a proactive changeMirabel implements and improved bonus incentives structure for her staff despite the fact that her employees are generally contentWalmart's implementation of RFID, a type of technology that allows it to improve inventory tracking, is an example of a(n) ______ change because Walmart already had a very effective technology tracking system in place before it implemented RFID.proactiveAs an OD consultant, Mika is designing a survey of employee attitudes to be given to workers at Hope Urgent Care, a provider of emergency-care services in a low-income neighborhood. In collecting this information, Mika is conducting the ______ stage of OD.diagnosisMaxwell, a detective, just completed a very difficult case. He did not realize an important clue early on and he did not follow-up with the witness until several days after the incident. Now, Maxwell is practicing self-compassion and focusing on self-affirming truths such as "I care about getting justice for the victims." Which career readiness competency is Maxwell practicing?openness to changeJonathan wants his company's culture to be more team-focused and less individual-focused. He sees that the company can improve communications, leadership, and group processes. On which target element is Jonathan focusedsocial factorsBased on the Management in Action case, which of the following is an inside force for change at Carnivalmanager's behaviorDuring Lewin's refreezing stage, managers shouldencourage and reinforce the desired change in the employees.BP's efforts to close the blowout preventer and install a containment dome following an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig is an example of _____ changereactiveVeasna knows that for OD to have the greatest likelihood of success, he should implement multiple interventions. Which of the following is an example of multiple interventionsVeasna implements goal setting, training, and job designBased on the Management in Action case and what you know about Lewin's change model, Carnival managers should use the coronavirus pandemic as motivation for change at the organization during the ____ stage of the modelunfreezingthe Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers toreasonable accommodate an individual's disabilityLongwei, a new CEO, is excellent at setting and implementing goals, policies, and structure. Longwei is quite proud of the strategic successes he's had in his brief time as CEO. However, many of the employees seem unmotivated and are responding in ways he didn't expect. What should Longwei do?he should use the principle of OB to better understand the workersPrecious has a 10-mile commute each morning that is usually a fairly pleasant 15-minute drive. Next week, the highway department began a major construction project that will cause Precious to experience delays, detours, and slowdowns during her commute for the next 6 months. her stressor would be considereda hassleKwan has a Master's degree in psychology, but he is working at a sunglasses cart in the mall. Kwan is currently experiencingunderemployment____ is the tension people feel when they are facing or enduring extraordinary demands, constraints, or opportunities and are uncertain about their ability to handle them effectivelystress____ is the extent to which employees have positive or negative feelings about various aspects of their workjob satisfactionIf you have an _____, you believe you control your own destinyinternal locus of controlBecause she beat her goal this year by nearly 30 percent, Helena has been telling everyone in the sales department of her incredible skill as a salesperson. But last year when she didn't even reach her goal, she said her failure was due to the poor economy. Helena provides an example ofself-serving biasto build her employees' resilience, Civia is instituting _____, such as redesigning jibs and offering career counselingbuffersLyla has hired two new employees, Rohan and Harue, for her team. Rohan is outgoing and physically attractive, while Harue is very bright bt seems quiet and unsure. Lyla immediately expects Rohan to outperform Harue at the job. Lyla is likely experiencing the halo effecttrueSmithCo employees believe the company fairly applies its policies and strives to live up to its stated values. It is accurate to say that SmithCo has anpositive diversity climateTardiness, accidents, sexual harassment, and white-collar crime are example ofcounterproductive work behaviors____ is the tendency to attribute another person's behavior to his or her personal characteristics rather than to the situation the person is infundamental attribution biasresearch has supported links between emotional intelligence (EI) and a host of desirable job outcomes. What is EIEI is the ability to monitor your and others' feelings and to use this information to guide your thinking and actionsAt a recent sales meeting, Kyle blamed his poor sales numbers on bad luck, unclear sales targets, and unfair sales territories. Kyle is engaged in self-serving bias.trueFernanda, a hiring manager for a paper company, does not expect Juwon, a recent college graduate, to have much knowledge about how paper is made. Thus, Fernanda asks Juwon only a few basic questions during his interview. As a result, Fernanda leaves the interview believing that Juwon does not know enough to be hired for the job. This is an example ofthe Pygmalion effectwhen confronted with pressure, people with high self-esteem becomeegotistical and boastfulPeople high in ________ are responsive to others' social and interpersonal cues.emotional intelligenceToshiko has noticed that Noah's job performance has been outstanding for the last few weeks. Which of these statements, made by Toshiko, is a causal attribution?the software training that Noah completed has really improved his efficiencyWhile a moderate amount of stress can have some health and behavioral benefits, stress can causefatigue and insomniaa motivating potential score is relevant when applyingthe job characteristics modelwhich theory assumes people are intrinsically driven to attain fulfillment and psychological growthDeci and Ryan's self-determination theorywhen using punishment, managers shoulddo it in conjunction with positive reinforcementwhich type of goal orientation is better for jobs that require creativity and problme-solvinglearninga sales commission is an example of a ___ compensation planpay for performance____ is the use of desirable consequences to strengthen a particular behaviorpositive reinforcementEach year Piney Creek Lodge hosts retreats for organizations. They encourage employers to bring their employees for single days, extended stays, or even full-weeks. Which of Maslow's needs in Piney Creek Lodge helping employers to meetlove____ perspectives try to understand the thought processes by which people decide how to actprocessmotivating workers through ___ relies on the workers desiring personal growth and having the necessary skillsjob designTamir, the manager of Diamond Credit Union, is applying the job characteristics model. Tamir just learned that the motivating potential score for his bank's teller is low. The next thing Tamir should do isidentify which aspects of the tellers' job are not motivatingThe HR manager told Stella that the company pays the total health insurance costs for a family of four. As a single woman, this benefit did not seem especially important to her right now. Here, Stella is low on the ________ element of expectancy theory.valenceBourey, who manages a restaurant, decides the specials each day, sets the weekly schedule based on which servers he feels deserve the busy shifts, and frequently comps drinks for wealthy customers. When the restaurant donates food for public events, such as feeding teachers at the local elementary school, Bourey is always present for the picture that will be shared on social media. How would McClelland describe the motives determining Bourey's behavior?his need for power is highto motivate employees, employers should focus on fulfilling each level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs in order from bottom to topfalseDella, the sale manager, just informed her sales team that all sales in March will earn an extra 5 percent commission. The team gets right to work, being motivated by anextrinsic rewardsas accounting firm reimburses employees for tuition and fees if they complete job-related coursework with a B or better. The accounting firm's tuition-reimbursement policy helps its employees meet their ____ needsself-actualizationZoe runs a flower shop. She recently made some changes so that one employee answers phones and completes the order and payment process, while another creates arrangements, and a third packages and delivers floral arrangements. Previously, each employee was responsible for the order from the phone call through the delivery. Zoe has made changes totask identityMaslow's hierarchy of needs, in order from lowest (most basic) to highest level, arephysiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualizationEvie, a district manager of a furniture retail chain, was transferred to the Southern region where sales had been underperforming for three years. In her new role, Evie met with every store manager and at least two frontline employees in each store for the purpose of understanding how she could improve the situation. Which of the following employee statements should prompt Evie to focus on hygiene factors?"pretty often our paychecks are messed up so that we don't get paid for all hours we worked"McClelland's acquired needs theory posits that three innate needs-achievement, affiliation, and ___- are major motives determining people's behavior in the workplacepoweranswer this question based on the Management in Action Case. Assume that nurses in a large city are responsible for dozens of patients on each shift during the pandemic while their counterparts in a smaller city are only responsible for a fraction of that. Both groups of nurses have equivalent backgrounds, salaries, and working conditions. Based on equity theory, the nurses in the smaller city would be feelingpositive inequityduring the ____ stage of team development, close relationships develop as unity and harmony emergenorminga moderate level of conflict can induce creativity and initiative, thereby raising performancetruebc self-managed teams were established at the Kinex plant, the number of electrical components produced has increased by 12% and workers seem to have more positive attitudes. Which statement is most likely true about the self-managed teams at Kinexthe self-managed teams will be most successful when they have proper training and technology accessThirty-two new employees from Market Enterprises are attending orientation, receiving information about company policies, and filling out various forms. These employees comprise a group.true____ is the conflict-handling style in which a person neglects his or her own concerns and allows the concerns of another to prevailaccommodatingRonin is on a ___ team that consists of members who work together over time and distance via electronic media to combine effort and achieve common goalsvirtualIn all but the worst weather, Sarah and three coworkers met each day at 4:45 to walk the river trail behind their office building. The four coworkers are an example of aninformal groupHow is collaboration different from teamwork?collaboration tends to be informal, spontaneous, and relatively unstructuredthe group development stage in which individuals test the leader's policies and assumptions as they try to determine how they fit into the power structure is the ___ stagestormingKatsu perceives that Gloria only pays attention to the wealthiest customers who she expects to leave large tips. Katsu reminds Gloria that they are supposed to rotate based on when customers enter the restaurant. This is an example of a conflicttrue____ is defined as reciprocal faith in others' intentions and behaviorstrustwhich outcome might you expect from excessive conflict in the workplaceviolence and workplace aggressionAn example of a maintenance role is an initiator, someone who suggests new goals or ideas.falseto develop a new board game, Hasbro brings together employees from manufacturing, design, sales, marketing, and market research to form across-functional teamwhat question does a group ask during the forming stage of developmentwhy are we here?___ is designed to elicit different opinions without inciting people's personals feelingsprogrammed conflictwhich of the following is challenge for virtual teamsbuilding cohesion and trust is more difficult in a virtual team environmentSelf-managed teams are groups of workers who have been given ______ for their task domains.administrative oversightWhen Emily, an American manager, became director of operations at the firm's apparel factory in China, the tension mounted quickly due to misunderstandings and the extensive time needed to translate conversations between herself and the employees. Emily is experiencing ________ conflict.cross-cultural____ is a "we feeling" that binds group members togethergroup cohesivenessAyana leads a team of product engineers. Ayana and one of her team members, Cyrus, often disagree about the best designs for products the team is developing. However, Cyrus knows that Ayana will always listen to his ideas with an open mind and then decide what is best for the project at hand. Ayana has come to rely on Cyrus as the team member who will voice a dissenting opinion because that is what is best for the team. Which outcome would you expect for Cyrus?strong organizational commitmentXimena, who manages a public pool, suspended four lifeguards when she caught them sleeping at their stations. Ximena was using the reward power pursuant to her managerial positionfalsea restaurant manager who arranges to have all of the restaurant's leftovers, plus 50 prepared meals, donated to a food bank each week probable exhibited ___ power to coordinate the extra work needed by her employees to package and deliver the foodsocializedCorina is outgoing, warm, and truly inspirational when she talks about where she wants to lead her division. Her employees seem eager to do anything she asks. Because of her personality and not her position, what is Corina's power?referentAniyah has a charismatic personality, and finds it easy to get others to agree with her. Aniyah has referent power.trueWhen Berat saw Coral in the stockroom stuffing her purse with expensive printer cartridges, Coral was quick to say, "We've been friends since first grade, so I'm sure you won't say anything about this." How was Coral trying to influence Berat?personal appealleadership is the ability to influence employees to voluntarily pursue organizational goalstrueorganizing work, defining roles, and optimizing productivity are characteristic ____ leader behaviorsinitiating-structureas a leader, Jui-En believes that he should change his behaviors to match the circumstances because no one style works all the time. Jui-En is applying the ___ approach to leadershipsituationallocus of control, task ability, and need for achievement are part of which element in path-goal theoryemployee characteristicsStarlight Creations is beginning to prepare for what they expect will be a grand exit (many people retiring) in the next five years. Part of the concern is that this will leave a gap in upper management. How can Starlight Creations build a pipeline of leadership talent?provide leadership coachingLeaders especially want ________ who are productive, reliable, honest, cooperative, proactive, and flexible.followersSimone does not understand why she has been unsuccessful at finding a new job. She says, "I am the best at creating marketing campaigns and I've been extremely successful at getting and maintaining high profile clients. No one is better than me." It seems that Simonemay be suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effectwhich of the following statements about leader style is accuratemen are more likely to use an autocratic style____ power results from one's specialized knowledgeexpertStephanie supervises a call center department that receives stress-producing calls from unhappy customers. Turnover has increased by 33 percent over the last four months. Stephanie is understanding and patient with her staff, and tells them she knows what they're going through because it wasn't so long ago that she took those calls. How would Stephanie's staff describe her style?supportivein the management in action case, CEO Neumann had ____ power in the compnay bc he could increase employee compensationrewardResearch shows that followers seek and admire leaders who create feelings ofsignificanace____ leadership model posits that an effective leader makes desirable rewards available, clarifies how employees can achieve objectives, and provides them support in doing soHouse's path-goalwhich manager is exhibiting informational powerUmeki creates, formats, and controls all the firm's important documents which set the strategy and guide its implementationPortia was preparing for a networking event and kept reminding herself that she needed to keep eye contact with whomever she was speaking, even though that was not typical for her culture. What skill was Portia working on?being mindfulKeitaro, a university administrator, needs to send an official memo to the directors of the registration, advising, and financial aid divisions, as well as their supervisors. To determine who should receive his memo, Keitaro consults theorganizational chartGossip and rumor in an organization are part of the _____, which itself is a type of ______ communication channel.grapevine; informalwhich element of the communication process model is engaged after the information is transmitted through a mediumrecieverat the end of the fiscal year, Thompson Investments releases an earnings report to clients. By sending the earnings reports to its clients, Thompson Investments is communicatingexternallyActive ______ is the process of actively decoding and interpreting verbal messages, which requires full attention and processing.listeningA manager needs to inform employees that the quarterly project management training will start on June 1, about three months from now. Generally, which of the following should the manager use in this situation?e-mailin the management in action case, McFarland was standing atop a table frantically yelling instructions at the crowd. If the crowd was not able to understand McFarland's instructions bc they could not hear him, which barrier to communication was most likely presentphysicalcommunication channels that develop outside the organizational structure and do not follow the chain of command are consideredinformalThe more management levels through which a message passes, themore distorted the message may become___ is a state of reduced attention that is expressed in behavior that is rigid or thoughtless. This state is natural because human beings simply cannot keep up with all the stimuli they recievemindlessnessGina wanted to tell her employees about the seminar, but she put the flyer in a stack of papers and forgot about it until after the deadline, so none of her employees were able to sign up for the seminar. What type of barrier has occurred in this situation?senderwhich of the following is an example of physical noise in a workplacethe restaurant has a loud ventilation fan that turns on whenever he kitchen reaches 85 degreescompared to women, men tend todemonstrate their expertisethinking about the communication process, which of the following would be an accurate description of one of the stepsthe message is transmitted through a mediumformal channels of communication are typically faster than the grapevinesfalsea ___ is a person's characteristic speaking patterns, such as the use of pacing, pausing, questions, and storieslinguistic stylewhich of the following is an example of nonverbal communicationgiving a high-five to your partner after you win a card gameEvery time Kiersten's phone buzzed during a meeting, she would step out to either take the call or respond to the text. It did not seem to matter, if she was the one presenting at the time or just listening. She did not even seem to notice the eye rolls from the others or any of the other nonverbal cues. How would you describe Kiersten's behavior?phubbingMelisa was in a car crash which resulted in her having a minor concussion and several serious bruises, but no broken bones. When she notified Kanu, her manager, about the crash, Kanu responded, "Please take a few days off to heal and rest. We'll move the department meeting to next week so you have more time to complete your report. Let me know if you need anything else while you recover." Kanu demonstrated ___ empathycompassionate