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bowen chapter five

Goals of Therapy
keep anxiety and emotions LOW. HE LOOKS AT INTERLOCKING TRIANGLES 1. process of active inquiry 2. process 3. structure 4. detriangulation
patterns of emo reactivity
the interlocking network of triangles
when ThX stays emo neutral while in contact, the process of detriangulation/differentiation can begin
Conditions for Behavior Change
Bowenians don't try to change people, not into solving problems. ThX as an opp 4 peops to learn A. distinguish btwn thinking and feeling, B. awareness of entire F, C. relations w/ extended F, D. thera tri
What is main Bowenian principle?
Distinguish btwn thinking and feeling
What is primary method of Bowenian change?
Lowering anxiety & increasing self-focus
Therapeutic triangle
The most important triangle w/ couples is the one w/ the therapist, if u can stay neutral u can change the system
Differentiation of self, triangles, nuclear family emo process, family projection process, multigenerational transmission process, sibling position
Therapeutic Techniques
Process questions Bowen's big guns,
Assigning tasks, Relationship experiment
Bowenian Therapy w/ Couples
more interested in thinking ?s than feeling ?'s. Displacement story, Staying detriangulated, Process ?'s complementarity metaphors, Therapist as "coach" or "consultant" ,Didactic teaching
Bowenian Therapy w/ one person
goals are the same, a. Developing person-to-person relationships , b. Seeing family members as people (vs. emotionally charged images) observing self in triangles c. Detriangulating oneself
how can you find out where triangle is?
asking who one turns to when they distance from s/o to whom they've been close