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MB Topic 5

What is the pine male gametophyte
pollen grain
In pines, the female gametophyte contains ? each of which contains an ?
In pines, an embryo is an
immature sporophyte
In pine trees, pollen grains get to the ovule via the ?
What statement is true about the gametophyte tissue that surrounds the pine embryo
It functions as a haploid food reserve
Of the four haploid cells produced by a pine cone's megaspore mother cell, ? survive(s)
In the pine, microsporangia form ? microspores by ?
? have palmlike leaves
? has only one living species today
? leaves have fanlike appearance
? includes three genera that vary greatly in appearance
? have pines
? all species produce cones
? have redwoods
All gymnosperms:
undergo alternation of generations; seeds do not form in an enclosed structure
From which seed plant sporophyte structure(s) do the immature (unfertilized) gametophytes directly gain water and nutrition
The result of heterospory is
the existence of male and female gametophytes
Ongoing trend in the evolution of land plants
reduction of the gametophyte phase of the life cycle
Plants with a dominant sporophyte are successful on land partly because
their gametophytes are completely enclosed within sporophyte tissue
Female gametophytes in the pine life cycle use ? to produce eggs
Within a gymnosperm megasporangium, what is the correct sequence in which the following should appear during development, assuming that fertilization occurs? sporophyte embryo, female gametophyte, egg cell, megaspore
megaspore, female gametophyte, egg cell, sporophyte embryo
Arrange structure found on male pine trees from the largest to smallest structure; sporophyte, microspores, microsporangia, pollen cone, pollen nuclei
sporophyte, pollen cone, microsporangia, microspores, pollen nuclei
What features of cycads distinguishes them from most other gymnosperms
They have flagellated sperm and are pollinated by animals
What are the products of meiosis in the life cycle of a seed plant
megaspores or microspores
A seed includes contributions from
three separate generations of plants
What structure is a separate generation from the plant sporophyte
A male gametophyte within a pollen grain