Eng 3 Honors Unit 3

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Acculturation(n.) the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact with those of another; the resultant blendcircuitousroundabout, not directcommiserate(v.) to sympathize with, have pity or sorrow for, share a feeling of distressenjointo direct or order; to prescribe a course of action in an authoritative way; to prohibitnoncommittalnot decisive or definite; unwilling to take a clear position or to say yes or noproclivitya natural or habitual inclination or tendency (especially of human character or behavior)sangfroidcomposure or coolness, especially in trying circumstancesseditiousresistant to lawful authority; having the purpose of overthrowing an established governmenttenuous(adj.) thin, slender, not dense; lacking clarity or sharpness; of slight importance or significance; lacking a sound basis, poorly supportedexpiate(v.) to make amends, make up for; to avert