20 terms

Psych 102- Test II (pt II)

declarative memory
the conscious recollection of facts and events that you can verbally communicate
What is associated with nondeclarative memory?
implicit memory, procedural memory, and priming
Long-term potentiation is a concept that explains
how memory functions at the neuronal level
serial positioning effect
first and last remembered best
context dependent memory
theory that info learned in a particular situation or PLACE is better remembered when in that same situation or place.
flashbulb memory
clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event
proactive interference
1st learned blocks 2nd learned (bf)
which form of memory is believed to hold exact copies of stimuli for a brief moment
If you are shown a string of random letters on a screen and 10 seconds later are asked to recall them, you are likely to encode them
Episodic memory
retention of info about the where, when, and what of life's happenings ( remembering certain events)
Semantic memory
knowledge of the world - facts
An important aspect of semantic memory
independent of past ( don't know when and where you learned something)
procedural memory
memory of a skill
parallel distributed processing
the theory that memory is stored throughout the brain in connections among neurons
Hippocampus and memory
important for switching short term memory to long term memory
Example of a recall test
essay (the individual has to retrieve previously learned info)
Example of a recognition test
multiple choice ( only has to id learned items)
iconic memory
refers to visual sensory memory (last for 1/4 second)
Echoic memory
auditory sensory memory ( can last up to several seconds)
prospective memory
remembering to do something in the future