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W.E.B Du Boisfirst AA graduate of HarvardPoll Taxway to keep AA from voting,Segregationseparation between whites and blacksLiteracy Testtest given to keep AA from votingDebt Peonagesystem of involuntary labor to pay off debts, used in SouthwestJim Crow Lawslaws in south that segregated blacks and whitesGrandfather Clauseallowed poor whites to vote, because their family had votedPlessy v Fergusonlandmark case that said separate but equal was allowedMark Twainauthored stories about humor and adventure, including Huckleberry Finn.Western Adventure Talestype of fiction most popular around 20th centuryRFDrural free delivery system delivered goods to rural areasJoseph Pulitzervery involved with newspaper and and rise of their influenceWilliam Randolph HearstSan Francisco paper and would fabrigate storiedSouthwest DiscriminationMexicans has worked on reailroad for less moneyPopular Mass Culturebaseball, theater, amusement parksPopular Leisure activitiesbicycle (gave women freedom) tennis, movies