Anatomy & Physiology 2.3

What is the respiratory systems goal?
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A muscle that is dome shaped. As it is flattened, it contracts pulling the lungs open.diaphragmthe rib cage is lowered, the diaphragm rises, the thoracic pressure increases, and air will naturally move out of the lungs where the pressure is lower.during exhalationthe lungs do not completely empty during each breathing cycle. This helps to maintain a constant pressure and conserve water by using old air + new air.incomplete ventilationAccounts for the exchange of gases between the air in the alveoli and the blood in the pulmonary capillaries.diffusionhelps to assist in natural diffusion. Each __________ molecule contains 4 polypeptide chains, and each chain is folded around an iron containing group called heme, which is the iron that forms. Loose association with oxygen.hemoglobinSome hemoglobin combines with carbon to form ______________carbaminohemoglobinwhat does carbaminohemoglobin do?helps to remove CO2 from the tissuesMost of the CO2 is transported in the blood in form of the __________ __________bicarbonate ioncarbon anhydrase is an enzyme in red blood cells that combines CO2 and water to form _________ __________biocarbonate ion