Grand Juries
A) determine the guilt of defendants.
B) decide whether a trial of an accused is warranted.
C) agree to plea bargains.
D) recommend that defendants undergo bench trials.
E) hear appeals of convictions.
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In Texas, which event marked the rise of the Republican Party and partisan judicial elections?
A) the election of President Ronald Reagan
B) the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton
C) the appointment of Tom Phillips as chief justice of the United States
D) the election of Bill Clements as governor of Texas
E) the Shivercrat movement
Which of the following groups has the largest number of judges? A) African Americans B) American Indians C) Asian Americans D) Latinos E) womenE) womenPhilosophically, in the past few years, Texas courts became A) more pro-defendant in civil cases. B) more liberal. C) more pro-defendant in criminal cases. D) more conservative. E) hostile to tort reform.A) more pro-defendant in civil cases.All lawyers who regularly practice in Texas A) must be members of the State Bar of Texas. B) must have graduated from a Texas law school. C) must appear in court at least twice a year. D) must volunteer to sit on grand juries. E) do not need any additional training once they have a law license.A) must be members of the State Bar of Texas.The State Commission on Judicial Conduct A) screens judicial candidates to determine if they are qualified to be judges. B) offers continuing education courses for judges. C) investigates complaints of ethical violations by judges. D) recommends trial judges for promotion to appellate courts. E) makes rules governing the conduct of judges.C) investigates complaints of ethical violations by judges.