Government chapter 2

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The house of representatives and the senate
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PartisansAllegiance belongs to political party; studies find this is the leading factor that influences voting patterns currentlyPoliticosTry to balance political facts of life with particular pressures of the momentBillsProposed lawsScreen billsWhat must committee members do before sending the bills to floor condsiderationFloor considerationConsidered an acted upon by the full membership of the house or senateSpecial tax deductions travel allowances lower price for life/health insurance generous retirement plan franking privilegeWhat are some fringe benefits for being on CongressThe ability to mail letters and material postage freeWhat is a franking privelage435How many members are there in the house2 yearsHow often are members elected for the houseIncumbentPerson currently sitting in positionDistricts drawn to the advance of the political party that controls the states legislatureWhat is gerrymanderingInherent powersThose that belong to all nations for example the power to control a nation's bordersExpressed powersStated in the constitution for example the power to regulate both foreign and interstate commerceImpliedNot specifically stated in the constitution drawn from expressed powers based on the expressed power to regulate commerce Congress to set a minimum wage for hourly workersNancy pelosiWho is the speaker of the houseSteny hoyerWho is the majority leaderKevin McCarthyWho is the republican leaderCharles Grassley and Joni ErnstWho are the iowa senators6How many members are there in CongressAt least 25 years old Have been a citizen of the U.S. for a least 7 years An inhabitant of the state for which they are electedWhat are the qualifications of the house of representativesAt least 30 years old Have been a U.S. citizen for 9 years An inhabitant of the state for which they are electedWhat are the qualifications for the senatePower to tax, borrow, establish laws on bankruptcy, coin moneyWhat are the expressed powers related to moneyTaxCharge levied by the government on persons or property to raise money to meet public needsProtective tariffThe oldest. Protects domestic industries against foreign competition by increasing the cost of imported goodsPublic deptall of the money borrowed by the Federal Government over the years and not yet repaid plus accumulated interest on that money. Congress reguarly raise the limit whenever the debt threatens to overtake it2.1 trillionIn 2013 how much did the federal government take in?Taxes levied by congressWhere did 95% of the 2.1 trillion come from?It would violate the freedom of religionWhat can't congress lay a tax on a church servicePublic purposes, private benefitCongress may tax only for......., not for ............ExportsCongress may not tax....Among the states populationsHow are direct taxes apportionedDeficit financingReguarly spending more than it takes in each year and then borrows it to make up the differenceMedicare/medicate Social security DefenseWhat does most of the U.S.'s money go toBankruptcythe legal proceeding in which the bankrupt's assets are distributed among those to whom a debt is owedConcurrentStates and national government have .... Powers to regulate bankruptcyShillings and poundsWhat was the currency of power previously built onSecond continental congress and the ADCWhere did paper money come from13How many states issued their own form of currencyLegal tenderAny kind of money that a creditor must by law accept in payments for debtsCopyrightExclusive right of the author to reproduce, publish, and sell his/her creative workThe life of the author plus 70 yearsHow long is copyright good for500,000How many copyrights are there each yearPatentGrants a person the sole right to manufacture, use, or sell "any new fand useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any news and useful improvements thereof"20 yearsHow long are patents good for