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Essential nutrient
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Incomplete proteinsDoesnt have all essential amino acids and plant proteinsGluconeogenesis occurs in the liver due to the action of ________.Low glucoseTriglyceridesan energy-rich compound made up of glycerol and fatty acid.Cholesterol comes fromdiet or metabolic pathway in liverPrecursor hormone for steroid hormones bile salts vitamin DCholesterolProduction of RBCs/fatigue/dig prob/almondsVitamin b2Synthesis of NAD/cracked skin/dementia/meat fishVitamin b3DNA & protein synthesis/poor growth/gingivitis/liverFolic acidsaturated fatsSolid at room temp/contain no double bondsUnsaturated fatsLiquid at room temp/contain double bondspostabsorptive statefasting state, food has been stored, glycogen is broken down/blood sugar declinewater soluble vitaminsVitamins B and C/easily absorbed into blood from d tractFat soluble vitaminsVitamins A, D, E, Kabsorptive stateFed State 4 hours/occurs after meal/absorbs nutrients/blood sugar riseaerobic respirationRequires oxygen/pyruvate enters mito & cont to be broken down/CO waste productMetabolic pathway of glycolysisIn cytoplasm/inputs glucose & energy/outputs atp nadh & pyruvate/broken 2 moleculesTransformation of pyruvate into acetylPyruvate travels from cytoplasm to mito matrix/inputs pyruvate/outputs CO2 nadh acetyl coa/py into acetyl coa, nadh produced & CO as waste productanaerobic respirationOxygen absent/pyruvate converts to lactic acidoxidative phosphorylationIn inner mito membrane/input electrons & oxygen/outputs atp & h2o/electrons nadh & fadh2 make big amounts atp. Oxygen is final acceptor & combines electrons, hydrogen to make waterChylimicronsPhospholipid vesicle with triglycerides & cholesterol/used for transport of tri & chol/allows fat to move within aqueousglucogenesisHappens in liver during low sugar/formation of glucose from pyruvate lactate glycerol & amino acidsLipolysisbreakdown of fat/fatty acid converted to acetyl coa & used for atp produceCatabolismbreaking down big to small molecules/energy releasedAnabolismJoining of smaller to big molecules/require energyLipo genesisExcess acetyl coa converts to fatty acid/method to store body fatKetogenesisIf excess acetyl coa/converts to ketone bodiesDeaminationthe removal of ammonium from an amino acidurea cycleamino acid is converted to an ammonium ion/eliminated through kidneys