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Robotics class chapter 1 of YIP book.

analog sensor

a sensor that produces a range of results


the action of translating a program to a language a robot can understand


information that can be read and processed by a computer

digital sensor

a sensor that can produce only two results, on or off


any information gathered from the physical world and processed into data through a sensor


any mechanical or electrical device that reduces the energy normally required to perform tasks


the name of the LEGO NXT programming software that is icon based


any action that affects physical surroundings of a robot after a determined input


a set of instructions or rules that a robot or computer application follows to complete a set task


a device that can interpret information from its physical surroundings and pass along data to be used in a program

programming environment

a software application that enables a person to create programs that can then be compiled or translated into data that a robot can read

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