EK4 K4H Ch.2 Vocab + 한자어

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어르신senior citizen환자patient돌보다to take care of목욕시키다/목욕을 시키다to give a bath시키다to make someone do something, to order마음이 아프다to be heart-broken불친절하다to be unkind뿌듯하다to feel good about oneself after accomplishing something아쉽다to regret, to feel sorry친절하다to be kind전혀 안 -not at all -항상always한 학기에 한 번once a semester수고하다/수고를 하다to take trouble, to make efforts이웃을 돕다to help neighbors (in need)모금하다to fundraise기부하다to donate헌혈하다to donate blood정이 들다to become/feel closer to someone소형small size최소the smallest/minimum협소하다small and narrow축소하다to reduce/shrink축소되다to be reduced소수decimal소심하다to be timid소변urine (vs. 대변)소설novel