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RBC or Blood Hg level is below normal; resulting in decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood


An opening

cell diluting fluid

A solution used for diluting blood for cell counts


Excess RBC's in peripheral blood; polycythemia


an excess of RBC in the peripheral blood; erythrocytosis


rupture or destruction of RBC's releasing Hg


Resistance to disease or infection

Isotonic solution

Same conc. of dissolved particles as the solution or cell with which it is compared.


A chronic or acute disease involving unrestrained growth of leukocytes.


increase above normal in number of leukocytes (WBC's) in the blood


decrease below normal in the number of leukocytes in the blood; leukocytopenia

unopette system

self filling, self diluting, manual cell counting method.

RBC unopette

-1.99 mL of red cell diluting fluid
-isotonic, preventing hemolysis
-capillary pipet carries 0.01 microliters blood
-a 1:100 dilution

WBC unopette

-1.98 microliter diluting fluid (3 %acetic acid)
-0.02 Milliliter capillary pipet
-a 1:100 dilution
-acetic acid lyses the RBC's to see WBC's

safety precautions

standard precautions. disposal in appropriate containers

RBC count

Center square's four corners and center square

RBC reference range

4-6 million per microliter

RBC Function

facilitates oxygen exchange in tissues.


decreased RBC production or Increased RBC loss or destruction


RBC count above normal

WBC reference range for newborns

9,000-30,000 per microliter

WBC reference range for older children

6,000-14,000 per microliter

WBC reference range for Adults

4,500-11,000 per microliter

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