NHA EKG and Cardiovascular Testing Quiz

A medical assistant is performing an EKG on a patient who has a heart rate of 105/min. The assistant should identify this finding as an indication of which of the following conditions?
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A medical assistant notices rhythmic sharp spikes throughout an EKG tracing. The assistant should identify that which of the following artifacts is occurring?AC interferenceA patient's EKG tracing shows an expected P wave, QRS complex, and T wave configuration. There are five complete cardiac cycles on a 6-second strip. The assistant should recognize that this represents which of the following cardiac rhythms?Sinus bradycardiaA medical assistant is providing instructions to a female patient prior to a stress test. Which of the following instructions should the assistant include?"Take your medications on the day of the test"A medical assistant is preparing a patient for an EKG. In which of the following locations should the assistant place the V4 lead?In the 5th intercostal space at the midclavicular lineA medical assistant is preparing to perform an EKG recording on a patient. The assistant should recognize that which of the following information is true of limb leads and electrodes?limb leads are placed on the fleshy areas of the skin