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The discipline Basket of the Tripitaka contained

rules for monks

Dukkha is demonstrated by which of the following?

the loss of a home in a fire

the Buddhist monastic order that eventually included laypeople is known as the


which step of the eightfold path is described as "the disciple must be prepared to renounce attachments to the world and give benevolence and kindess"?

right aim

during his enlightenment, it is said that the Buddha stayed under the pipal tree for how many weeks?


the Buddhist doctrine which asserts there are no permanent souls is


the zen form of Buddhism is considered

very controlling

a "guardian angel" in some cultures would be known as a what in Buddhism?


in Tibet, the kalachakra doctrine represents

time and space

the eightfold path in Buddhism is

followed by using all precepts at the same time

which Japanese sect of Buddhism claims to harmonize the truths of all Buddhist sects


according to zen teachings, what is the only thing of value?

comprehending our real nature

who were the first disciples of the Buddha?

the five ascetics

the more inclusive major division of Buddhism is the


the eightfold path is symbolized by

an eight-spoked dharma wheel

what defines tanha


which of the following would be a concern of the Buddha's teachings

ways to relieve human suffering

according to Buddhists beliefs, the problem for humans is ___ and the solution is ___

suffering, knowledge

the Buddha was

a prince of the kshatriya caste

in Buddhism, when a person is set free from ego-centrism they enter


what is the name given to Hindu sacred writings


what do Hindu priests use when they are seeking an explanation of sacrifices


the Hindu concept of samsara refers to

the wheel of rebirth which turns forever

according to karma yoga, the motivation for work should be


the god in the rig-veda who is named as creator and ruler of the universe is


who is the god in human disguise that drives the chariot for arjuna


a person who teaches their insights and reasoning and is seen as having a divine light is known as a


the phrase, "you reap what you sow" can summarize

the law of karma

of the one billion people in India, approximately what percent are Hindu


what did the laws of manu represent

an ideal code of behavior

the principle force of the universe which orders all things is known as


in class, we stated that the ages between 8-20 is reserved for learning. a person in the stage is known as


a Hindu who chooses a life goal of kama is in seek of


the way of knowledge as salvation is the basis of which yoga form


at which stage of life is a Hindu expected to experience vivaha


which of these would be considered a part of the shradda rites

keeping the rites of the funeral pyre

how did Mohandas K Ghandi respond to western culture as it applied to India

hue used its resources to help India

in what year did India gain its independence from Britain


samsara is the Hindu term for


which term, according to the class text, is the most accurate in describing Hinduism


with the European invasion of the new world, tribal ingenious beliefs and practices were

compromised and adapted

Powhatan priests functioned as

medical and religious professionals

the early Cherokees viewed their tribal myths as

sacred stories for the initiated only

the naskapi valued the shaman as one who could

influence and control souls

the teaching of religion in America was initially

done from a christian triumphalist perspective

in religious belief and practice, the Powhatan's paid most attention to

Okeus-the malevolent or "evil" god

the nakapi referred to the active, living soul of the individual as


the proper way to address someone from the northern arctic is


early Cherokee women

fought wars alongside men and won warrior's honors

the concept of complementary dualism is that

good and bad are commingled, serving a particular purpose

the naskapi hunter's success depended upon

the generous souls of animals and fish

according to naskapi beliefs, where did souls of the dead reside between rebirths

in the stars

the Aztecs firmly believed that all of human life depended on the conquest and sacrifices of enemies


naskapi women were not allowed to participate in hunting or fishing with the men


the naskapi had elaborate initiation rituals for adolescent males


the cherokee people welcomed the early European settlers to their land


knowing how to influence souls was considered essential to the survival of the naskapi


incan deities were believed to care only for the living; not for the dead


the naskapi believe that all of life is activated by soul


the term henotheism best characterizes most native American views of the absolute


In the Story of Samaraditya, by Haribhadra, a man clung to life for

drops of honey

the Jain hold death achieved by fasting is


Mahavira's enlightenment at about age 42 led to his experience of...


in Nanak's direct vision of God he received

a cup of nectar

the first guru of the Sikhs was


the main temple, the sacred center of the Sikhs, is located in


Which Hindu provision is rejected in Sikhism

caste system

Of the 5 stages in a Sikh's progress toward union with God, which of these does not belong?


the Jain principle of aparigraph refers to


according to Jain teachings, the best way to avoid bad karma and increase good karma is

to revere all souls; human or not

Nanak initially attracted converts with his

unusual attire

Digambara monks symbolize their renunciation by

being "sky clad"

Nanak offended both Hindus and Muslims by

declaring that "there is no Hindu and no Musalman"

according to Nanak, what is the cause of human suffering?

loving the self more than God

after the death of Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikhs were ordered to honor only the

Adi Granth

Jains believe that injuring life now will involve one in suffering in the next life


Mahavira's search for enlightenment lasted 20 years


a Jina is a person who has conquered rebirth


Mahavira renounced the world at age 30


Digambaras claim that Mahavira became a householder before beginning his spiritual quest


Sikhism was a compromise worked out by Hindus and Muslims


at gurdwaras, eating is a symbolic act

false ?

"God is one" is a central Sikh teaching


Shvetambaras believe that the presence of clothing on a monk indicates residual shame


Digambaras believe that a woman must be reborn as a man before she can becomes a Tirthankara


after his renunciation of the world, Mahavira attracted only a few devoted followers


the Jian Acaranga teaches that one who does not teach others to avoid harming animals continues to sin


the Jain laity do not generally apply the doctrine of nonviolence to capital punishment


Jains believe that all life, human or animal, is the same


Sikhs believe the world and humans to be essentially opposed to God


the Jain universe


holy death by fasting


beyond life and death


ancient Jain texts not now in existance


Jain categories of existence lakcing soul


twelve books reputed from Mahavira


Jain "immortal essence" or soul




no stealing




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