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  1. pseudopod
  2. flagella
  3. euglenoids
  4. algae
  5. antibiotic
  1. a sometimes referred to as "the grasses of the ocean"
  2. b drug produced by some fungi that prevent the growth of bacteria
  3. c protists that have characteristics of both plants and animals
  4. d whiplike structure used for movement
  5. e footlike extension of the cytoplasm

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  1. plantlike protists
  2. a type of sac fungi
  3. threadlike tubes that make up a fungus
  4. population explosion of dinoflagellates
  5. secrete glasslike boxes around themselves

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  1. mushroomreproductive cell of yeast


  2. flagellatetype of protist that may live in the digestive system of termites


  3. red algaesome of these algae can live up to 200 m deep in the ocean


  4. buddingorganism made of a fungus and a green algae cyanobacteria


  5. downy mildewa type of zygote fungi