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Stages of regeneration of the skn, following an injury?

contraction occurs, granulation tissue is formed, cells of the stratum germinativum divide and migrate, a scab forms on the surface

Vitamin D effects on other organs

aids normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus

In extensive wound, ___ divides producing mobile cells that invaid deeper areas of injury


Granulation is composed of


a child who skins his knee in a fall has a(n)


the layer of skin that contains the blood vessels and nerves closest to the surface of the skin is the____________layer


the pale-crescent-shaped area at the base of a nail is called the______


the primary function of sensible perspiration is to_______

cool body temperature

the repair of the dermis begins as fobroblasts produce________

collagen fibers

___ layer of the skin the contains bundles of collagen fibers, protein elastin, and gives strength


sweat tastes salty because of its____


scar tissue is the result of an ____


Mammary glands are a type of ___ glands

apocrine sweat

know about the subcutaneous glands

Small glands in the skin that secrete oil into hair follicles and onto the body surface,this makes the hair greasy (oily) and also makes the body sweat and look oily.

Sebaceous and cibous gland

Sebaceous gland: microscopic glands in the skin that secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum. found in greatest abundance on the face and scalp, though they are distributed throughout all skin sites except the palms and soles.

know about melanin

Also called pigment, melanin is a substance that gives the skin and hair its natural color.

All of the following are true of perspiration Produced by merocrine sweat glands, except that it _____.

produces the body odor characteristic of "sweating"

accessory structure of skin are____

hair, nails, and multicellular eccrine glands

the layer of hard keratin that coats the hair is termed the___


most abundant cells in the epidermis


sun tan results from

exposure to UV rays, increased production of melanin

the layer of the skin that provides protection against bacteria as well as chemical and mechanical injuries is the________


the nail body covers ___ ?

nail bed

types of skin cancers include

basal cell, carcinoma, and melanoma

if the papilla of a hair follicle is destroyed ___ happens

no hair grows

cyanosis is indicated by

blush coloration to the skin melanoma or interruptions of the dermal blood supply

the affect of aging are

everything declines

most body odors is produced by __glands


What are the two components of the cutaneous membrane?

epidermis and dermis

large amounts of keratohyalin will be found in the epidermal layer called

stratum granulosum

figure 5-1


albino individual lacks ability to produce


nail production occurs at the nail


why are elderly people more prone to infections?

there immune system is more weakend

How are epidermal ridges formed?

downward projections of the epidermis into the dermis between the dermal papillae. They also increase the friction and the surface area of the dermis

Water loss due to interstitial fluid penetration through the surface of the skin is termed _____ perspiration.


Deodorants are used to mask the odor of what secretions?

apocrine ??

stretch marks occur when

dehydration or extensive distension

____ are macrophages in the epidermis

langerhan cells

the layer of the epidermis that contains cells undergoing division is the ______

stratum germanitivum

primary pigments in the epidermis are

melanin and carotene

____ if body temp rises

blood flow is going to increase to the skin/ thermo regulation

Charlie is badly burned in an accident. when he reaches the emergency room, the examining physician finds that he can remove entire hair follicles from charlies arm whe he gently pulls on a hair with his forceps. charlie is suffering from a(n)___burn.

3rd degree

figure 5-1


47. wrinkling and sagging in old people is the result of ?

decline of protein elastin/ collagen fibers in the skin weakening

important vitamin formed in sunlight

vitamin D

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