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  1. where does the small intestine join the lg intestine
  2. where is bile stored, how does it ge there
  3. what is urea
  4. what are the 2 types of smuscle in the smooth muscle layer and what is its function
  5. what is vincent disease
  1. a innler layer is circular outer layer is longitudinal. Its function is peristalsis.
  2. b cecum
  3. c gingivitis causes by bacillus or spirochete and can cause death to the tissues
  4. d stored in the gall bladder, flows from liver through cystic duct.
  5. e waste product

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  1. stimulates the release of digestive enzymes from the pancreas, stimulates the release of bile from the gall bladder, inhibits the stomach
  2. liver and pancreas
  3. chyme
  4. a hormone produced by adipose tissue that is involved in weight regulation
  5. oropharynx, palatine tonsils, nasopharynx, laryngeal pharynx, soft palate, uvula, epiglottis

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  1. what enzymes are released from the pancrease and what to they digesttrypsin-protein, lipase-fats, amylase-startch


  2. how does bile leave the gall bladder when it is neededdigests fats to fatty acids and glycerol found in the pancreas


  3. what surface projections increase surface are and absorbs the small moleculesvilli, microvilli which have blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries (lacteals)


  4. where does the most chemical digestion occurduodenum


  5. what enters though the duodenumjuices from liver and pancreas


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