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  1. how long is the small intesting
  2. what is the digestive enzyme in the outh and what does it digest
  3. what are the the organs of the digestive tract
  4. what is the fuction of cheif cells
  5. what type of digestion occurs in the stomach
  1. a amylase digests startch
  2. b mechanical chemical
  3. c secretes pepsinogen and gastric lipase
  4. d 10 feet
  5. e mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine

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  1. simple columnar epithelium
  2. salivary glands
  3. dentin, blood vessels, nerves, gingiva, crown, enamel, roots
  4. capillaries in the villi
  5. digests proteins to amino acids found in the pancreas

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  1. what does crohns disease effectsmall intestine


  2. what parts of the stomach act as storagethe fundus and the body


  3. what is appetiteno relationship to need for food, may not be satifidfied by an adequat meal.


  4. what are the 2 cells in the stomachit has an additional angled muscle layer, fundus, lower esophogeal sphincter, pyloris, pyloric sphincter, rugae


  5. what is the function of parietal celllssecrete HCL, and instrinsic factor


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