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  1. what parts of the stomach act as storage
  2. how long is the small intesting
  3. where does fat go after it is absorbed by the lacteals
  4. what absorbs sugar, amino acids and water?
  5. what are the srtuctures of the pharynx
  1. a the fundus and the body
  2. b capillaries in the villi
  3. c liver
  4. d oropharynx, palatine tonsils, nasopharynx, laryngeal pharynx, soft palate, uvula, epiglottis
  5. e 10 feet

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  1. duodenum, jejunum, iliem
  2. dentin, blood vessels, nerves, gingiva, crown, enamel, roots
  3. mucous membrane, submucosa, smooth muscle, serous membrane
  4. Pre cancerous thickened white particles on the mucous membranes common in smokers
  5. juices from liver and pancreas

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  1. what structure guards the endtrance to the trachea during swallowingepiglottis


  2. what does the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system do for the digestive systemchyme


  3. what is the action of trypsin and where is it founddigests proteins to amino acids found in the small intestine


  4. what is the serous membrane (peritoneum) made ofdentin, blood vessels, nerves, gingiva, crown, enamel, roots


  5. what is the exocrine functon of the pancreastakes blood from the GI tract to the liver