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  1. what is the tissue of the small intestine
  2. what are some diseases of the mouth and teeth
  3. what is aborbed in the lg intestine
  4. what is the structure of the liver
  5. what are the 2 types of smuscle in the smooth muscle layer and what is its function
  1. a simple columnar epithelium
  2. b dental carries, gingivitis, periodontitis, vinvent disease, leukoplakia
  3. c right and left lobes, portal vein, hepatic artery
  4. d innler layer is circular outer layer is longitudinal. Its function is peristalsis.
  5. e water, electolytes,

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  1. mechanical, nervous, chemical, horomonal, infection
  2. amylase digests startch
  3. epithelium and loose connective tissue.
  4. parotid glands, submandibular glands, sublingual glands
  5. duodenum

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  1. what does the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system do for the digestive systemdecreases activity


  2. what is the tissue in the mouthcheif and parietal


  3. what are causes of inflammatory bowel disealsecrohns and ulcerative colitis


  4. what are the different types of teethincisors, cuspids, molars


  5. what are the 3 enzymes the pancrease secreates and what does each one digestduodenum, jejunum, iliem