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  1. what is the esophagus
  2. what is cholelithiases
  3. what is the function of the hepatic artery
  4. what is the pharynx also called
  5. what happens in liver cirrhosis
  1. a the active liver cells are replaced by scar tissue
  2. b gallstone
  3. c a muscular tube that joins the mouth to the stomach, by moving food by perastalsis. Do digestion occurs in the esophagus
  4. d carries O2 blood
  5. e throat

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  1. obstruction of the pyloric sphincter
  2. secretes digestive juices and mucus
  3. liquifies food making it easier to digest and to absorb, it acts as a solvent that allows electrolytes to move across the intestinal wall
  4. viseral and parietal
  5. water, electolytes,

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  1. what is produced by bacterial action in the large intestineVitamin K


  2. what are lacteals part oflymphatic system


  3. what does the combination of food, gastric juice and water that is formed by the stomach calledbegins protein digestion found inthe stomach


  4. what secrete enzymes for digestionsalivary glands, stomach, sm and lg intestine, liver, pancrease


  5. what is the action of lactase, maltase and sucrase and where is it founddigests starch and is found in the salivary glands and pancreas