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  1. where is gastrin secreted and what is its function
  2. what is the function of water in digestion
  3. what absorbs sugar, amino acids and water?
  4. what is the accessory organ to the mouth
  5. what are the 3 sections of the small intestine in order
  1. a duodenum, jejunum, iliem
  2. b salivary glands
  3. c capillaries in the villi
  4. d liquifies food making it easier to digest and to absorb, it acts as a solvent that allows electrolytes to move across the intestinal wall
  5. e produced by the stomah stimulates the release of gastric juice

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  1. protein only
  2. store food and liquid, secrete gastric juice, secrete mucus, makes chyme
  3. takes blood from the GI tract to the liver
  4. startified sqamous epithelium
  5. a hormone produced by adipose tissue that is involved in weight regulation

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  1. what are accessory organs to the duodenumjuices from liver and pancreas


  2. what is aborbed in the lg intestinesecrete mucus, reabsorb some water, form feces, defecation


  3. where are water soluable vitamins absorbeddirectly into theblood


  4. what are lacteals part oflymphatic system


  5. what secrete enzymes for digestionsalivary glands, stomach, sm and lg intestine, liver, pancrease