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  1. what is the structure of teeth
  2. what happens in pancreatitis
  3. what secrete enzymes for digestion
  4. what is the structure of the liver
  5. what is the function of saliva
  1. a salivary glands, stomach, sm and lg intestine, liver, pancrease
  2. b moistens food, facilitates mastication, helps keep teeth and mouth clean, contains amylase
  3. c dentin, blood vessels, nerves, gingiva, crown, enamel, roots
  4. d right and left lobes, portal vein, hepatic artery
  5. e pancreatic enzymes back up into the pancreas can be fatal

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  1. digests starch and is found in the salivary glands and pancreas
  2. villi, microvilli which have blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries (lacteals)
  3. lymphatic system
  4. duodenum, jejunum, iliem
  5. hypothalamus

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  1. where does fat go after it is absorbed by the lactealsliver


  2. what are the 2 types of smuscle in the smooth muscle layer and what is its functionmade of connective tissue. I t contains blood vessels and nerves that help regulate digestion


  3. what does ulcerative colitis effectlarge intestine


  4. what is the accessory organ to the mouthsalivary glands


  5. what is pepsinogeninactive form of pepsin which is needed to preak down proteins