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Solid state storage cards hold data without consuming power, so they do not lose data when the camera is turned off


CDs with copy protection cannot be duplicated, and music that is ripped to another format does not play back correctly.


A(n) ____ is a device that contains a variety of input and output jacks, plus audio-processing circuitry.

sound card

If you have dialed Directory Assistance lately to obtain a telephone number, you have probably encountered ____.

speech recognition

A ____ graphic is composed of a grid of dots.


The quality of a bitmap graphic is ____ dependent


You have just decreased the number of pixels, resolution, and file size of your graphic by selecting a portion of the image. What have you done to your graphic?

You have cropped your graphic

____ can be used to create the illusion of three dimensions by smoothly blending shades from one color to another or from light to dark.


Today's ____ editing simply requires a computer hard disk and video editing software.


With images that contain strong curved or diagonal lines, pixel interpolation can result in ____ effects, such as those in the accompanying figure.


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