TechSmart Lesson 1 Vocabulary

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header commentA multi-line comment at the top of a program surrounded by triple quotation marks on either side of the comment Ex. """ This is a heading It normally goes at the top of the program """variableA storage container for information (data) Ex. message = "Hello there" the variable name is `message`assignmentprocess of storing information in a variable (uses the equal sign: =) the assignment operator is =concatenationjoining two strings together with the + symbol Ex. "Hello " + "World"valueA single piece of data: can be stored in a variable Ex. num = 5 The value in this line of code is 5literalA value that is not in a variable Ex. "Any value not stored in a variable"data typeThe category of a value. The 3 types we cover are strings, integers and floatsintegerA whole number (includes negatives) Ex. 17floatA number with a decimal Ex. 3.14type conversionTreats one data type like another Ex. int("81") typecasts the string "81" to the integer 81.ExpressionA piece of code that produces a value Ex. 100*9.99OperatorSymbols that affect neighboring values Ex. +AssignmentPuts a value in a variable Ex. variable = valueIncrement byIncrease a variable by an amount Ex. age+=1 or age = age+1Decrement byDecrease a variable by an amount Ex. apples-=1 or apples = apples-1Multiply byMultiply a variable by an amount Ex. money*=2 or money = money*ModulesGet the remainder after division Ex. 10%3 would get you 1Divide byDivide a variable by an amount Ex. pie/=4 or pie = pie/4