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any item of service or merchandise described a purchaser as a "cash advance," "accommodation", " cash disbursement", or similar term. A cash advance item is also any item obtained from a third party and paid for by the funeral provider on the purchaser's behalf, Cash advance items may include, but are not limited to: cemetery or crematory services; pallbearers; public transportation; clergy honoraria; flowers; musicians or singers; nurses; obituary notices; gratuities and death certificates.
Effective datedate that the specific price list was put into use.Exigent circumstancessituation requiring immediate action or urgency; FTC recognizes that funeral provider might embalm without permission.Federal trade commission / FTCagency of federal government created in 1914 to promote free and fair competition by prevention of trade restraints, price fixing, false advertising and other unfair methods of competition.Forwarding of remainsonce of the 16 items specified required on the GPL (if the funeral provider offers the service). This involves services of the rfuneral provider in the locale where death occurs and preparation for transfer to another funeral provider as selected by the family (consumer). Funeral Rule requires package pricing of this service with a description of components included.Free itemsnone of the 16 specified items required to be separately itemized on GPL can be listed as free or no charge. Items not required by the rule can be listed as free.Funeral ceremonyservice commemorating the deceased with the body present.Funeral Goodsgoods which are sold or offered for sale directly to the public for use in connection with funeral services.Funeral providerany person, partnership or corporation that sells or offers to sell funeral goods and funeral services to the publicFuneral servicesany services which may be used to: (1) care for and prepare deceased human bodies for burial, cremation or other final disposition; and (2) arrange, supervise or conduct the funeral ceremony or the final disposition of deceased human bodies.General price list / GPLprinted or typewritten list of goods and services offered for sale by a funeral provider with retail prices. GPL is considered the keystone of the Funeral Rule.Graveside serviceceremony commemorating the deceased at place of final disposition.Immediate burialdisposition of human remains by burial, without formal viewing, visitation, or ceremony with the body present, except for a graveside service.Itemizationmethod of price quotation by which each unit of service and/or merchandise is priced separatelyMandatory disclosuresstatements required by the Rule which cannot be modified or edited and must appear in a clear and conspitcuous manner.Memorial serviceceremony commemorating the deceased without the body present.Non-declinable service feebasic services is the only fee which the consumer cannot decline (unless state or local law requiring otherwise). Funeral provider should recover expenses for services, facilities or unallocated overhead in this charge.Outer burial containerany container which is designed for placement in the grave around the casket including but not limited to, container commonly known as burial vaults, grave boxes and grave liners.Outer burial container price list / OBCPLprinted or typewritten list of outer burial containers normally offered for sale by the funeral provider which does not require special ordering. OBC PL must include retail price and enough descriptive information to enable consumer to identify the merchandise.Package pricinguse of a single dollar amount to identify the charge for a group or bundle of goods and/or services.Personany individual, partnership, corporation, association, government or governmental subdivision or agency, or other entity.Receiving remainsone of the 16 specified items required on the GPL (if the funeral provider offers the service). This involves services of the funeral provider after initial services have been provided by another firm at the locale of death. Funeral Rule requires package pricing of this service with a description of the components included.Services of Funeral Director and Staffbasic services, not to be included in prices of other categories in Section 453.2 that are furnished by a funeral provider in arranging any funeral, such as conducting the arrangements conference, planning the funeral, obtaining necessary permits, and placing obituary notices.Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selecteditemized written statement provided for retention to each person who arranges a funeral or other disposition. It must include the goods and services selected prices paid for each, itemization of cash advance items and the total cost.Telephone price disclosurefuneral provider must give consumers who call accurate information from the price lists and answer questions about offerings and prices with readily available information.Third party merchandisefuneral goods consumer purchase from a source other than the price list/funeral provider.Transfer of remainsone of the 16 specified items required on the GPL; defined as the moving of the dead human body from the place of death to the funeral home or other designated place.Triggering eventoccurrence of situation that requires certain action, the triggering event for giving out the GPL is face to face meeting.Tying arrangmentsexist when a seller requires the purchase of unwanted items/services in order to obtain the desired item/service.Viewing / calling hours / visitation / visiting hours / waketime set aside for friends and relatives to pay respect for the deceased prior to the funeral service.