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length between IC of EACH foot


1 GC (gait cycle)

Gait Cycle (GC)

length between ICs of ONE foot

2 phases of gait

stance & swing

Stance Phase

period during which the foot is on the ground

Stance phase begins with

initial contact (IC)

Stance phase is ____% of the GC


Swing Phase

period during which the foot is in the air for limb advancement

Swing phase begins when

the foot is lifted from the floor (toe off)

Swing phase is ____% of the GC


each double limb stance is ____% of the GC while the single limb support is ____%

10%; 40%

average speed of walking

90y/min (94-men, 84 women)

As gait velocity increases

stance & swing times are shortened

What is eliminated when running?

double stance time

The 8 phases of gait allow the limb to accomplish these 3 goals

1. weight acceptance (WA)
2. single limb support (SLS)
3. limb advancement (LA)

WA has how many phases?
What are they?

2; initial contact (IC) & loading response (LR)

IC is ____% of the gait cycle


When does IC begin?

the moment the foot touches the floor - heel strike

LR is ____% of the gait cycle


When does IC begin?

with initial floor contact and continues until
the other foot is lifted for swing.

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