Holocaust Midterm

Religious antisemitism
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- minutes of a meeting
- lays out a plan of Jewish domination over the entire world
- forgery written by Russian secret police, doesn't matter that it isn't true, matters that people believed it was true
- People believed the times of London was lying to them because Jews ran it
- ploy for people to ban against Jews
- made up by Russian secret police
- return Alsace Lorraine to France
- return schleswig holstein to denmark
- loss of eastern territory from the German state, Cut east Prussia off from Germany to give Poland access to the North Sea
- Allied troops would occupy the Rhineland for 15 years
- lost all over sea colonies, most of which either Great Britain or France acquired
Sturmabteilung (SA)- paramilitary, storm troopers, brownshirts - war swastika, Hitler believed that Germans were descendants of the Aryan race from northern IndiaMein Kampf- My struggle, written while Hitler was in prison - Restore Germany to greatness, expand land, get rid of those who aren't German - obliterate the treaty of Versailles - necessary to have lebensraum -eliminate Jewish influence - Centralize power and hands of dictatorDawes and Young plans- Germany pays 2 billion in reparations to allies - allies pay 2.6 billion in war debts to US - US (private banks, not government) loans 2.5 billion to Germany - US over producing goods, want Germany to be able to buy goods1932 elections- Summer, highest vote percentage that the Nazi party gets in a free and open election, 37.4% of popular vote - Fall, 33.1% of popular vote, Nazis lost votes within four monthsWild camps- didn't all 12 years of the third Reich except for dachshund - 100,000 people - round up people who were enemies of the Nazis and contained them in one place - communist, socialist, trade unionist bc they have the power to stop the nazis - SS runs the camps - Confining people without due process - camps were widely knownSchutzstaffel (SS)- intended to be the elite, had training - Eight man protection team for Hitler, how to prove they have pure Aryan ancestry back to the 1700s - Many attended university, not Street thugs - Numbers increased, NSDAP police force, no longer for Hitler only - added military component/training, very well equippedCivil service law- jews/non-Aryans and those who were politically unreliable lost their civil service job - Three exceptions, until 1934: If person held position prior to first world war, if served in the war, if had father or brother who died in the war, these people cannot be firedNight of the Long knives- SS violently arrests officers and leaders of the SA - SA will be truncated, Teach young ones how to be good Nazis - causes more than 2 million members to drop from the party -keep the SA under controlVolksgemeinschaft- peoples community - create social community, unify society, Nazi worldview, share the same ideology -started training the youth, Wanted to build the next generation of Nazis, more easily impressionable, moldable - Nazis started to change the curriculum, more in the favor of Hitler and the party - nuremberg lawsHitler Youth/League of German Girls- Had an oath that children would take starting at 10 - eventually 63% of all youth would be part of a group, could not join if one was Jewish - mandatory - how to be strong, survival skills, marching, weapons training, physical activity - how to pick a good mate, how to be a good housewife, home ecc coursesOriginal Nuremberg laws- officially and legally separated Jews out and makes them subjects instead of citizens - of German or kindred blood, anyone who can be included in the German umbrella - defines who is a citizen and who is not - Prohibited marriages and relations between Germans and non-Aryans, policed through marriage license and through allegations - Jews cannot employ German women younger than 45, after women are no longer able to bear a child - Jews cannot display the national flag1936 Olympics- Held in Germany - reduced some propaganda - Jews weren't allowed to participate on the German team - the US removed Jews from national team as not to offend Hitler - Germans want to showcase German superiorityPersecution of Homosexuals- men refuse to procreate, Ariens not doing their duty - Nazis believed homosexuality was a choice - many could be arrested, castratedPersecution of Roma and Sinti- They were viewed as being bad Ariens, people that do not contribute to the germination - won't vote, salute, or join the military - Nuremberg laws extended to the Roma and Sinti - early deportation, rounded up, shipped eastPersecution of Jehovah witnesses- wouldn't pledge to the flag, wouldn't take part in military, wouldn't pledge to Hitler because their only loyalty was to God - many were arrested - many died, over 200 executed for refusing to join the military - had an actual choice whether to be a Jehovah witness and be arrestedEugenics- The science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics, increase certain desirable heritable traits - galton - intelligence is horrible, born smart or not;white, middle-class, good moral standing should have lots of kids - lombroso - predicted factors, criminality is hereditary, criminals will produce more criminals, regardless of nurture - positive - encouraging people to have children - negative - discouraging people or making it impossible for people to have children - good Nazis should get married to other Aryans and have lots of kids and raise them to be good NazisLebensborn- support families, care for pregnant women, racially pure - Tried to stop abortions, young girls would go get pregnant by SS officer and leave baby behind - Women were told to give child back for the partyNazi sterilization program- didn't write loss from scratch, used Virginia law and added to it - law for prevention of progeny with hereditary diseases - medical professionals, wardens, and others could recommend people for sterilization - mentally, physically handicapped, see medical professionals often, prisoners, juvenile delinquents - hereditary health courts, one judge and two physicians - covered a large array of issuesHossbach Memorandum- Hitler, members of the party, leaders meeting - Three small wars of plunder - Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia - take a few years to gather resources and people, then take on the west - those who don't agree with him don't have jobs by February - Hitler begins to dictate military, financial, and economic policyAnschluss- The Austria takeover - added 6 million Germans, people wanted Germany to take over, Hitler was welcomed - all the laws came down on the Austrian Jews at once - immediately began to mark Jewish stores and took people who looked Jewish, forced them to do humiliating things in publicMunich Conference- Hitler announces that he is going to take over the Sudetenland because ethnic Germans live there - France, Great Britain, Italy, and Germany have a meeting, Czechoslovakia is not there - agreed that Hitler can take Sudetenland but he needs to stop after thatKindertransport- 10,000 unaccompanied children from Germany and Austria to Great Britain - agree to take kids after Kristallnacht, 50 pounds per kid, selected those who had problems at home, allowed one suitcase, one hand luggage, $10, nothing valuable - parents had to go and stand in line and make a case as to why their child should goHerschel GrynszpanPleads with German officials to let his parents come live with him in France, the last time he takes out a pistol and shoots, is the reason for Kristallnacht to kick offKristallnacht- SS, SA, regular Germans - sudden and unplanned, ruined Jewish property, police/firefighters only help Aryans - first time we have large numbers of Jews in concentration camps - $1 billion fine, clean up, bro cope, insurance goes to government, want to immigrate